What are the most important achievements in science?

Wow, an ambitious task:


  • Archimedes' principle-- buoyant force = weight of the fluid it displaces
  • Galileo -- (1) telescope for astrophysics; (2) prove that gravitational acceleration is not dependent on weight
  • Newton -- (1) three laws of motion; (2) laws of gravitation
  • Kepler -- three laws of planetary motion
  • Copernicus -- heliocentrism - the idea that sun is the centre of the solar system
  • Bernoulli's principle -- an equation that governs aerodynamics
  • Einstein -- special and general relativity


  • Mendeleev -- the creator of modern periodic table
  • Curie -- discovery of radium
  • Arrhenius -- the theory of greenhouse effect
  • Haber -- do you remember the Haber process? Ammonia gas is produced using suitable catalysts from nitrogen and hydrogen
  • Pauling -- do you remember the Pauling scale? The scale for different elements regarding their electronegativity


  • Watson and Crick -- description of the DNA model
  • Leeuwenhoek -- improving the microscope
  • Darwin -- theory of evolution
  • Hooke -- discovery of cell
  • Wilmut and Campbell -- cloning of sheep (DOLLY!)

There are also numerous other achievements but I think these are the main ones.

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