What are the most inexpensive gym memberships?

The most inexpensive ones are usually the smaller gyms but one in particular which is a big chain is Planet Fitness. Last time I checked, it was around $10 a month and it's a monthly thing so no long term contract is required. I once had a gym membership at a local gym for $10 a month as well with no contract. The problem, from my experience, is the lack of equipment when it comes to these lower cost gymes. Planet Fitness, for example, is great if all you do is cardio but if you want to lift serious stuff like doing deadlifts, avoid them since they're against anyone doing heavy weights and even have a siren go off if you drop the weights.

Then there's the option of going to an apartment gym if you or a friend of yours has access to one since those are free.

If you have a Costco membership, you can get a 2 year membership at 24 Hour Fitness. You pay 2 years up front but it comes to around $15 a month or so which is actually cheaper than if you signed up at a 24 Hour Fitness.
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