What are the most underrated fitness tips?

Learn how to do a valsalva maneuver with and without a belt.

This is similar to a "learn how to breathe" tip but it's more specific.

A Valsalva maneuver is the act of inhaling air, and then forcing an exhalation with a closed airway. Basically blocking off the air inside of you and creating intraabdominal pressure.

This can be done with a belt to great effect (both for added safety to your back and increased poundages because you can brace your core against the belt)

But it's also important to learn how to do without a belt. You don't want to wear a belt for every lift you do, doing so sacrifices core work during the course of your workout. So learning to breathe properly like this can help your lifts both by increasing the weight you're able to do, but also getting the added benefit of more core strengthening.

Lots of people wear lifting belts, but a minority of lifters really know how to properly use one.

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If you do 200 push-ups in the reps of 50, how will it affect you?

It depends on how frequently you do this. If this is done regularly and properly, you can expect to see physical changes overall, since push-ups is a compound exercise that targets several muscle groups at one time. If you are generally unfit and you start on this regime, you can expect to see the most progress

Can we prevent aging?

Aging cannot be stopped, but it can be significantly slowed down. We cannot change that our DNA ages and that mitochondria in our cells deteriorate. These are the cells' power plants. Also, the telomeres, which are the caps at the end of chromosomes get shorter as we age. When the telomeres are all used

How to earn money while studying in college

If some one is following this question then most probably he/she would be an Indian, and if that's true, you need to know many things before knowing exactly the ways. Parenting or nurturing children in India means :-Giving them an extra comfortable life.Getting the students in the so-called best colleges (Narayana or Chaitanya) irrespective of the