What are the most useless life hacks you've ever heard of?

A useless hack that quora itself offers.

Study time, absolutely pissed off from it. Decides to play some PUBG Mobile. Gun shots all around and mom barges in.

"What were you doing?", She said.

"I was studying.", I said.

"Show me your phone, lemme see.", she said.

*Closes the PUBG window and open a already closed quora window*

Mom reads an answer to How to study continuously all day long?

*Mom smiles*

"What you want for dinner?", she asked.

How about a chicken dinner?


Thanks quora.

Well, here are some:

I started high school at age 12.What age do American children start?

American children usually go to Kindergarten around age 5*. A "pre-K" year is also fashionable in some parts of the country.Elementary School consists of grades 1 through grade 5 or 6, depending on the school district. In my children's district it is through grade 5, where I grew up it is through grade

If a narcissist can't love, then how can he be happy? A narcissist told me that he is never happy. Being happy is an emotion. So when they are laughing and smiling, they are just mirroring.

Narcissists understand jokes and jokes can make them laugh as much as anyone else. It's better though if a joke positively correlates with their values (like if a narcissistic brunette is told a joke that revolves around the motive of a

How to prevent my car from being stolen or broken into

Attach some extra strings all around the cover and tie the extra strings to the wheels, tow points, etc. Hopefully, this will deter them. This will also keep the cover from blowing off. That's how I got my car cover. It blew into my yard from who knows where and it was an exact fit