What are the most useless things in life?

  • Toxic friends

Dump them. Surround yourself with positive people only. This is key to living a life where your own environment can lift you up and inspire you.

  • Judging people

Being judged? Forget about it. They don't know any better, and that's their loss.

Feel like judging someone? Stop it. It's useless. You'll never get it right.

Focus your time and energy on your life instead.

  • Running after material things.

"Materialism Makes You More Anxious, Depressed"

Material things do not necessarily bring you happiness. That is a fact of life. It is a hard fact to understand sometimes, especially in a society that tries very hard to teach you otherwise. "When people do not have their needs well-satisfied, they report lower levels of well being and happiness, as well as more distress."

No matter how much money you make, you always want more. So if you make $25,000 (1997) you believe that if you just made $50,000 you would be happy. But then you begin to make $50,000. At that point you believe that if you just made $100,000 you would be happy, and so on through life. This pattern is true whether you make $25,000 or $10,000,000 a year, because as you earn more money you acquire more expensive tastes. It seems to me that you might as well learn to be happy on $25,000 a year, figure out an easy way to earn it and then have the rest of your time free to do what you want.

Today's youth is mostly obsessed with the material things most of them want IPhone, MacBook and the latest gadgets even though they do not need it. They find there happiness in these things rather than experiencing the world around them.

Try to gather knowledge, as there is no tax on knowledge and it is the only one thing which you will take with yourself in heaven.

  • Keeping Expectations from people

Let me just put in three current incidents of my life.

  1. My love for books has instigated me into buying four new novels last month. I haven't even began with a single piece. Why? Because I was too busy finishing off the books I bought two months back.
  2. Even though I was extravagant while shopping from pantaloons this season sale ,I ended up spending a few thousand bucks more in shopping just after the season sale ended. That technically took away all my savings which was specifically earmarked for my ever pending impromptu solo trip.
  3. I have been struggling to shed off those extra kgs for a while now, which I gained out of nowhere. I managed to kick out a few off my life. I always pick up one physical activity and continue with it. Last month I took the gym subscription and ended my aerobics class. My dietician made me a diet chart along with a supplement and asked me to follow it religiously. I started following it and at the end of the month after proper diet and rigorous workout, I found out I was 4 kgs heavier. It was more than enough to freak me out. But to figure out what went wrong was of paramount importance. So, after deep contemplation I found out its the supplement that she provided has acted against me. I immediately ditched that.

So, currently how does my decision to buy those books, dresses and that gym membership appear?

"useless" I suppose.

But, can you see beyond that.

  1. In first case books are an investment. If not today then definitely after sometime if would be or uttermost help.
  2. I do have a lot of events coming up. I even have to shift at an another place in sometime where I would have needed to shop more.
  3. Those gym subscriptions might have provided me with an unfavorable result. But, the patience, perseverance and the experience is something no body can take away from me.
  4. Things become useless only when we don't take proper advantage of it. I could have whine about the loss I had to suffer. But, whats the use? It won't give me my applied efforts and time back.
  5. I learnt two things about "useless" things in life. FIRST : There is nothing called "useless" as such. Neither that failed relationship nor that betrayed friendship. Even the low grades that you get can't actually be useless at all. So, if something appears useless to you currently, consider leaving it if it's under your control. SECOND : If you are worried about something "useless" that's the matter of the past, simply don't. It has taught you in a way other things couldn't have done. So, my answer to your question is that, there is nothing called "useless" in life. It's either experience, perception or lesson.

These things :

Sleeping wastes so much time but you absolutely need it for health. My cat sleeps all night, and most of the day. Sleep seems useless but needed. Same can be said for eating but you need it. It takes too long for most people to decide what they want to eat, meal prep or plan. Especially people in fitness with meal preps, counting certain nutrients, measuring.. there's a lot of diets and choices. Including my own with avoiding meat these days. Eating is really time consuming and takes up good portions of time and energy. Food is expensive. Takes a big bulk of budget. I guess you can't call it useless since we need to eat to stay alive but if we didn't need to eat it would totally be useless. On the positive side, there's really good food to enjoy at time. It's more the time and energy around eating. Plus the environmental issues around certain food industry, specifically meat.

As far as truly useless it seems like everything is somehow needed in its own way or has its purpose. Maybe some of the extra gadgets that are designed? Too many gadgets can be useless. Bookmarks are kind of useless now. Book covers.


Why do you need a major to graduate? Why can't you just graduate when you've reached a certain number of credits?

I feel like I could've gotten so much more out of my college education if I could have just taken the classes I wanted to in multiple disciplines instead of having to focus so much on just one subject.

You don't need to take 10 classes in one discipline to have a job in that field. I know a guy that works for google who took two computer science classes - I think he was a psychology major. I know someone who is currently in a Biology PhD program who didn't major in Biology.

For specialized degrees like engineering, nursing, accounting, etc. then sure, having a strict program to adhere to is good. But for everyone else, for people who don't choose those fields and want to just LEARN, why do you need a major?

Complaining, gossip and ridicule.

Some claim blowing off steam is helpful. It can be somewhat therapeutic but often leads to a spiral of negative emotions that build on each other.

Gossip is useless. Stop talking about others; focus on yourself instead. After all that is the only thing you truly control.

When I think of the accomplishments I'm most proud of, none of these things played a role in helping me get to my goal.

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