What are the most vibrant photos you've ever seen?

Our nature and surrounding is really vibrant. I am sharing Some Vibrant Images I have came across.

  • The Bridges Of Amsterdam Painting by Leonid Afremov


I have yet to come across a photograph more vibrant than this one:

With post-production, it is so easy to boost contrast and vibrance to make colors pop (I do it all the time to excess).

That said, not sure how much this one was tweaked, but I like this surf shot by Leroy Bellet. Imagine getting towed into a slab wave, surfing behind the subject at sunrise/sunset with waterproof housing around both camera and flash in hand.

Can a teacher keep you after school?

Yes a teacher can keep you after school if you are a student. And it's usually for detention, but the parents should know right away if you are kept after school.

What are some hacks that can make my student life (mechanical engineering) easy?

I see people have written many answers which are quite helpful. I am also sharing my experience here for others to understand and excel. 1. Set your career goals during the first year of College:After graduating from college I took many exams only to realize

Is Skype profitable for Microsoft?

We don't know. Microsoft isn't saying. And there are too many unknowns to guess well. Skype has three large sources of revenue:Fees paid by consumers for services.Advertising to those consumers in apps and Skype web properties.Skype for Business telephone product sales, subscriptions, and services.We don't know if