What are the most visited countries?

The top ten countries by international tourist arrivals, at least in 2016, according to the World Tourist Organisation, were:

  1. France (82.6 million arrivals)
  2. USA (75.6 million)
  3. Spain (75.6 million)
  4. China (59.3 million)
  5. Italy (52.4 million)
  6. UK (35.8 million)
  7. Germany (35.6 million)
  8. Mexico (35 million)
  9. Thailand (32.6 million)
  10. Austria (28.1 million)

The UAE, if anyone's interested, only received 14.2 million arrivals, placing third in the Middle East. That said, I suspect this methodology counts Hajj tourism as part of the general "tourist population" as Saudi Arabia is listed with 18 million arrivals for second place in the region (behind Turkey), and that's not exactly a country known as a popular tourist destination.

UAE is the most visited country as per my experience, people of all religion or Countries comes to the UAE for tourism.

UAE is the world famous country because of it's unexpected mad made structures. City like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most amazing creativity of Human beings.

Burj Khalifa: The tallest building in the world makes this city and country unique or we can say different from others.

Dubai Mall: World's largest mall in this country makes the tourist to enjoy the next level of human creativity like SKI Dubai, Fish Aquarium, Burj Khalifa Connectivity, and the huge size of this mall.

France and Thailand are very popular.

Depending on where you live I would say Most countries in Europe and the UK followed by South East Asia Thailand , The Philippines , Singapore, Malaysia Indonesia Japan South Korea Hongkong China ,Australia Burma , New Zealand Iran would have far more visitors if it wasn't for Sanctions imposed on it , Turkey Egypt ,Butan

What is it like to visit India?

There is something special in India that attracts thousands of tourists to this beautiful country every year.Its rich heritage, culture, welcoming people and lots more are there that makes the trip of visitors memorable.In addition, when the trip to India is designed by experienced travel designers, it becomes all the more fun and enjoying.Thanks!

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By humans I assume you mean the first species [first of several descending species] with complex technology- Fire and two part tools [like stone head and wood or bone shaft spear].Well for that have happened, we most likely would still have descended from primates, primates from South and

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