What are the must do things when traveling to Panama City, Panama?

In the city

  • Causeway: three independent island who were connected with the rocks taken out from the construction of the panama canal.

Depending on your taste, these are some of the options:

1- Stroll around CASCO VIEJO - City's colonial quarter.
2- LAS BOVEDAS seawall promenade (buy native arts and crafts).
3- Visit MIRAFLORES LOCKS of the Panama Canal.
4- Retreat to AMADOR CAUSEWAY and escape the city's incessant energy.
5- Visit BIO-DIVERSITY MUSEUM (Frank Gehry's wacky architecture).
6- ANCON HILL - Spectacular views of the City and Canal.
7- METROPOLITAN NATURAL PARK - wildlife refuge within city limits.
8- Stroll along the waterfront at CINTA COSTERA (Coastal Beltway).
9- Shop at ALBROOK MALL (largest shopping center in the Americas).
10- Ride the METRO (only rapid transit system in the region).
11- Visit the ruins of PANAMA VIEJO and see what's left of "Old Panama."
12- Take a round trip on the PANAMA CANAL RAILWAY along the canal.
13- Take the amphibious AQUABUS tour.
14- Hop on and off a PANAMA CITY TOURS bus.
15- Want to gamble? Visit VENETO casino in El Cangrejo district.
16- For sultry nightlife activity stroll along CALLE URUGUAY, south of El Cangrejo.


  1. Casco Viejo for its colonial and tourist surroundings
  2. Causeway due to its proximity to the Canal's waterways
  3. Cinta Costera's three stretches that connects to the Panama Bay and the city center.

Depends also on your interests as well, let me know yours so I can give you a more fit answer but those up there are the ones that can't fail no matter what are you into.

Here are the 10 FUN Things To Do In Panama City Beach

1. XD Darkride Experience in Pier Park

2. Wonderworks

3. Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum

4. Gulf World Marine Park

5. IMAX Cinema

6. Mirror Maze, Laser Craze & Lazer Tag

7. Bowling at Rockit Lanes

8. Play Games in Your Hotel Room

9. Grab a Bite to Eat in a Restaurant

10. Go Wild at Dave & Buster's

Know with details

Being from panama I can say its a very interesting country. You can go visit the ruins of panama veijo ( old panama) or if you visit in march you can experience carnival . or you can visit the interior of panama and see the beauty of the nature that the country has to offer. You can visit some of the indian villages and learn how they live an all natural lifestyle. There is much to do you just have to know where to look.

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