What are the 'must know' things before turning 25?

Am older than 25 and I guess am best fit to answer this question.

These are my 25 things I have known during my journey of life so far.

1. World is not contained in book
2. Experience teaches you more than anything/anyone in life.
3. Make at-least one friend for life.
4. Spend  time with friends and family and have loads of fun.
5. Do at-least one thing beyond your comfort zone.
6. Try at-least three things you dreamed about when you were a kid.
7. Try to help someone in need(Maybe as little as giving lift on bike).
8. Spend time with nature
9. Explore the kind of music your soul likes.
10. Know what really matters to you and should be your priority in life.
11. Understand that If you need anything, then its you and only you who          needs to work towards getting it.
12. Try spreading happiness around you.
13. Try understanding the pain others going through.
14. Set your goals.
15. You should be ready to handle 25 different things and challenges in your life.
16. Have a great bonding with your family (specially the TRUST bond)
17. Have an experience of love life(Not necessarily but if had a chance of love bond.)
18. Understand the difference in what you value and what you need.
19. Understand how to have a simple and better life
20. Have a great mental and physical health.
21. Understand what are your best and worst qualities and start working on      making them better.
22. Understand and explore the career path you have choose.
23. Try to find out what makes you unique and different from others.
24. Have a clear picture on what path you are and where it leads.
25. Have a great faith in yourself.

At last remember this : "Your choices define YOU!"
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