What are the negative aspects in Indian culture?

Look at the figure below and answer as to whether the reaction is Exothermic or Endothermic reaction?

I tend not be focus on negatives in almost every circumstance. But I will say the following are true in our (and almost every "developing" nation with large tapestry of cultural history):

  1. Many of us focus a little too much on "prestige"/"aukaat": We/our parents' generation are so wrapped in showing off our "status" that we will go to any lengths to prove it: debt, outright lies, self-inflation, etc.

    We need to learn to chill the f*** out.
  2. Many of us don't focus on the bigger picture: We are quite happy to talk about what ails us and view ourselves as the eternal victim. We'll talk about how we would be "this" and "that" if it weren't for "them" and "those", etc, etc. Personal responsibility vanishes in the perception of all these barriers we conjure up.
  3. Many of us live in silos: We talk of prestige, history, etc but we pay lip service to our culture, faith, etc. We don't ask questions as long as we are "seen" to be of whichever silo we're a part of. We won't change or leave the silo but we'll talk about it as if it's soooo awful and paint a melodramatic picture (this is related to the "lack of personal responsibility" point above). And we will then suffer the consequences of living in a silo we don't own.

These sound broad and generic but think about our perceived prestige, picture and silos; Whoever, whoever you are, you will realize you too have these things in your life.

Indian culture is basically an umbrella term for different Hindu societies which make up India. It is quite important to identify the negative aspects within context to accept them and then relinquish the bad elements to evolve into a better place.

  • Absence of an ability to market innovation. There are numerous inventions and designs which are genuinely created here. This includes Indo-Arabic numerals, recursive decimal system, geometric principles, Ayurveda and its offshoots, sophisticated metallurgy etc. But when foreigners appropriated them, we either watched them take the credit or in some cases started believing that 'all' are foreign inventions.
  • Blind faith/ devotion. While blind faith really helped many religions and institutions to succeed in gaining power, in due course, as communications increase, we can't afford to blindly follow anything. This has resulted in Indians getting violent in matters of religion (includes Muslims), caste-ism, and some social practices which slowed down the evolution. It is interesting to note that Swami Vivekananda inferred the same from Bhagavadgeeta. He reiterated "ignorance is death". Yet, most of the Hindus directly defy this important principle and let themselves be ignorant.
  • Lack of respect. Most of the social evils actually are a representation of this underlying concept. Most of the Hindu texts urge people to imbibe respect in their every act. In direct contradiction to it, majority of the population just don't respect anything. Whenever they appear to respect something, it comes out of necessity or force. Anything which is forced ultimately disappears. This is the main reason for most of the social evils. The ability to respect women, elders, commitments, institutions, professions and other communities is in decline.

My fellow over patriotic countrymen who cannot take a word against India, who have a hard time digesting the truth are requested to keep away and not put down any hate comments. Many may find this answer offensive, so proceed at your own risk.

  • India is the nation where you have to prove your patriotism by illogical means. Not standing up for the national anthem, and you are declared anti-national. Tell me, if a terrorist stands up when the Indian national anthem is played and I don't, is he more patriotic than me?
  • Blind followers in India are much more common than what you expect. It is not only in politics, but also in religion (Asaram Bapu) and even in cinema. Can't we respect a person on the basis of his deeds? Can't we change our opinion? No my friend, welcome to India.
  • India had a glorious past. No person disagrees with this. But what the hell is going on? We need to move over something some Indian did hundreds of years ago. Talk of recent achievements.
  • We consider India to be very talented. Guys, we have a population of 1.25Bn, even a million means not even a percent of the population. Now tell me, do we really have lots of talent or is it just a hype?
  • Indian constitution bans all sorts of discrimination on the basis of caste. The same constitution provides reservation on the basis of caste. Interesting is that no person notes this, and if they do, they don't give a fuck.
  • We hate getting over the Chalta Hai attitude (PS: Can't find an appropriate translation). Doing things in the right manner is totally not our cup of tea, because it is apparently too mainstream and India is talented!

Living Together is Not Possible before Marriage. If girl get pregnant before marriage they make it as a big issue.

Mostly they oppose love marriage.

When it come to arrange marriage they first look Astrology. Then only they even look photo and other quality.

2nd priority is Salary. If salary is very high they did not look the character. So that most of pity Men's get marriage in there age of 30 only.

After marriage most of Woman not going to Job. Some woman was forced some are willingly not going to job.

They look time for everything. For example they did not go out any function in the "Ragu" time. They wait around 1 hour to end that Ragu time.

They spend lot of money in marriage. Also they did not get divorce easily even it hard to live together.

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