What are the next big trends in ad tech investing?

The next big trend in ad tech will be eliminating all the ad fraud.  It's probably a market of 20B of fraud/year.  All participants that use technology to monitor or eliminate their fraud will be creating value to their clients where none exists today. 

Currently there are conflicts of interest with publishers and exchanges looking the other way.  As we see already, some of the players that want to show value to their advertising client will show their value with bot reports or eliminating the fraud completely.  Keep in mind most of the technology currently used is pretty dated and the smart fraudsters already got bots that out smart them.

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We've been looking at it from the paradigm perspective. in other words, does it need to remain along the lines of display tech?

We're exploring ways of conceptualizing it differently on mobile, as a mobile first solution, where the starting point is that banners one option, but there are others.

We chose gestures - because they are one thing that does not exist on desktop, and they provoke attention and reaction points between the user, the browser, and the advertizer.

our solution is to run native units on gesture events, and it's a complete diversion from the norm. amazing results - high CTRs and unique engagements.

Errnio Gesture Monetization
If I'm right and display ads in future will be sold based on time spent with an user, that might disrupt whole ad industry. Page view now exist just to be container for an ad so in a future we might not need page view any more, or we will need only one PV per website. Take look at http://www.webspectator.com they are already starting that trend.

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Don't take this as insurance but my personal opinion is that data is the most important element in this ecosystem. However I also believe that since programmatic direct (that's transacting almost like a direct channel but using RTB's technology) is really taking off there will be more demand for services around that area. I wouldn't try to predict what investors are going to be looking for but I think that it isn't your concern either. Once you have metrics proving your model, investors will follow.
1. Mobile (5 years later, there still remains much work to do, and much opportunity). 12-18 months.
2. Tech and infrastructure for the next devices and screens (wearables, outdoor, iot). 12-36 months.
3. Analytics (to understand all of this activity and make it actionable)l 0-36 months.
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