What are the physiological effects of drinking heavy water (deuterium oxide)?

Heavy water is not radioactive.  The deuterium in it is stable; it does not decay.  You'd be in no danger at all from radiation.

Heavy water, being (literally) heavier than plain water, performs a bit differently in chemical reactions, but only a little, so you'd have to drink a LOT of heavy water for it to kill you.  Experiments say you'd have to replace about 25% of the water in your body before you'd notice the effects, which would take about a week of drinking nothing else.  At $600 a liter from United Nuclear, a week's supply would cost on the order of $10,000.

There is another form of heavy water, made with tritium rather than deuterium.  It's somewhat radioactive, perhaps dangerously so if you drank nothing else.  But tritiated water is much, much more expensive than deuterated water.  It's treated as a radiation hazard, so it's much harder to come by.  (Unless you happen to be drinking directly from Fukushima, where the tritium is a tiny fraction of the overall water content, albeit enough that you wouldn't want to drink it straight.)
Will it be possible to reverse aging in the near future?

Yes it's clearly possible and in all probability closer than many people think.The key is defining what aging is because that is the reason that currently we can't live indefinitely and tells you what we have to achieve because it's so much more than grey hair, erectile dysfunction and

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I recently posted an idea, which was that New York lawyers and judges are information that's designed to antagonise the creators of Britain's Stonehenge; the information may or may not be true, however, all that currently matters to me is that creating the scenario makes

Why is Tesla Motors so successful?

I think the question should be something like ‘ why Tesla motors so popular?'. Actually the company is not that successful while considering the generated revenue. The company shines in the share market but it is not because the company is profitable it is due to the hype that is being