What are the prominent reasons for divorce in India? Is divorce the only solution most of the time?

One of the most prominent reasons cited is "cruelty".

Cruelty is an umbrella term which includes lot of things, including incompatibility.

Is divorce the only solution you ask?

Yes. Whenever there are other solutions, people take it.

I haven't come across a single case where people divorced even if there were other options.

Usually, when the couple senses trouble, they go to others. They involve their parents. They involve their friends. Therapists.

Divorce is the last option, when they have exhausted all others.

What are some changes that occur in girls after marriage?

Before marraige: whenever I used to have a holiday I used to run towards home.After marraige: You have your loving husband whom you can't leave alone and go home to your parents.Before marraige: Mom, What do you do all the time in kitchen?After marraige:Mom, I din't

Is live-in relationship a sin according to Christianity?

God's Word, is perfect, and never changes. Sin remains sin, even when it becomes widely accepted.As the Bible says,

What makes a man decide to propose to his girlfriend?

In my experience (which is limited), guys toy with the idea of asking a girl to marry them a lot... but put off asking. Then they put it off some more. Finally, the decision to do it usually comes from some sort of ultimatum.Many