What are the quickest but healthiest ways to lose weight in the belly and thighs?

The coolest way to lose weight is to follow proper diet and exercise.

  1. The basic thumb rule is to walk for atleast 1 hour a day, apart from your daily routine.
  2. Include 2 fruits in your daily routine. It can be in the form of whole, juice or milkshake.
  3. Protein forms an important role to lose weight. Include white meat, eggs or protein powders in your diet.
  4. Drinks atleast 8 glasses of water everyday.
  5. Fibre helps to remove toxins ans fat from your body. Try including pulses, legumes, vegetables etc. I also included meal replacer shake to provide less of calories and more of protein and fibre. Try GNC Lean shake 25.
  6. It is also all ok to go for weight loss supplement which are clinically studied and scientifically created. Try GNC Burn 60 - it is a clinically studied thermogenic and would help to lose weight in an effective way.

What are the smart tips for self studying?

Well, no matter in which institute you study ,which teachers are teaching you self study is a must. Without self study quenching for success will lead only to nowhere.Here are a few self study hacks or you may say smart tips which

What do I do if I don't want the fat from my food to get to my body?

Unfortunately, we aren't left with a choice ( because, human body already filters a lot of unwanted, waste, toxic stuff from the food we eat and transforms it into what we call poop)Fortunately, That fat can be burnt.   Unfortunately it is very difficult. Fortunately it is possible, and I

What is a good exercise for saggy glutes, and what do I have to eat with exercise?

In order to tone and build your Glutes, you have to strengthen your posterior chain. Training them will help you to get stronger overall. In order to be STRONG one needs a strong grip and midsection (Abs, Obliques, Spinal erectors and Glutes) and performing