What are the red flags to consider, before going for an arrange marriage in India?

Remember the laws in India are loaded in favour of the girl. Remember Nisha Sharma, whose bf/first husband showed up and she became an icon for returning the baaraat.

  1. Check the mother and her family first.
  2. Ask the prospective person about his/her life goals.
  3. Be clear with what your expectations are regarding job/place to settle/salary/kids/parents/marriage function.
  4. See if you are compatible. The golden rule of 6 months courtship helps to know a lot.
  5. If you are a boy there are sites like menrightsIndia.net

If someone lives in Georgia, and is facing divorce, can the spouse filing for the divorce seek alimony and child support against the business?

I suspect the answer to this would be no. You're not married to the business.If the business is your spouse's main source of income, or owns the business, then the businesses revenue and his/her income from that business will be considered when calculating child support and alimony.But because the business is a separate

Why is it so hard for people to forgive?

Because we have a misapprehension of what forgiveness means.Forgiving someone does not mean that what the other person did is okay, or that the hurt their actions have caused you should simply disappear overnight. It also does not mean that your memories of these hurtful

Is it advisable to train both Cardio and Strength in equal amounts on the same day?

There are options that allow you to both in a collective workout, such as Hiit. But if you are asking it in reference of hitting the weights and then going for a 2–3 mile run (average pace of 20–30 min)? Then the answer is