What are the requirements to be a navy seal? How do they differ from the regular navy?

Navy SEALs are Spec Ops. They conduct a wide variety of operations like rescue missions, raids, and much more. They can operate anywhere in the world from sea, air, and land. You need to enlist in the regular Navy, then enlist to become a SEAL, do some introduction training, then try out for BUD/s, jump school, qualification training, and troop training. I'm still trying to memorize all this, but you can find what you're looking for online.

Is yoga really helpful in curing diabetes?

Yes, Yoga really helpful in curing diabetes and to know more information about yoga poses for diabetes visit this article.How can yoga help fight diabetes?- Regular yoga practice can reduce the level of blood sugar, lower blood pressure, maintain weight, reduce symptoms and lower the progress of diabetes, as well as decrease severe complications

Is it possible to learn to fall asleep quickly?

This is different for everyone. The other answers have a lot of good tips. Here is one I use.Lie on your back, scrunch your toe muscles tightly and relax a few times, focus on the last relax. More to your ankles do the same thing, calves then thighs and all the way up your body till

Is it good for me if I eat 250 calories a day and burn the same amount or more every day?

Unless you are something like 4′6″, 80 pounds, and never get out of bed, you burn at least 1000 calories per day without even trying. That's called your basal metabolic rate and you can get a good estimate of what yours is here: BMR Calculator.As for eating 250 calories per day,