What are the signs of product/market fit?

Well, when you want to know if you have product market fit or not, you need to pay attention on the number of downloads of the app, your users are the ones who count the most, you need to have a constantly growing number of users. When they are satisfied with the product's values, they are willing to pay for it, the word of mouth is working well and thus affects the revenue.

To understand the user behavior in your app, see what features users prefer also to know the crashes and problems occurring in the app you may need a good analytics tool.

I would recommend you to check out Inapptics | Mobile App Analytics Powered by AI, it offers various features starting from users' navigation within the app, or creating visual funnels to see how many users reach exact goal and more.

Feel free to sign up for free and good luck!!

Why do skinny people often think they're fat?

Firstly because we live in a toxic fat phobic culture, as previously articulated by Michelle Angela Rivera.Fat is framed as the worst thing a body can be; physically, aesthetically and even morally. It's made synonymous with a long list of persistent and damaging

What causes people to regain lost weight?

The short answer to your question is people regain lost weight by thinking they have it licked and getting cocky, by going back to old habits, by not thinking about what and how much they eat, or giving up on their efforts because of some sudden or severe stressor(s) in life.DIET is a dirty word these days.

What is the biggest irony of religion?

1. All religions stress on the fact that everyone is a part of the same entity. But the existence of different religions (and people believing that one's religion is the right one) is absurd.2. Most religions believe in destiny. But they still do stuff that contradict