What are the similarities between human and animal communication?

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Who killed Netaji Subash Chandra Bose?

Are you kidding? He is immortal, immortal in our hearts, immortal in our soul. In past many people tried to kill him in a plane crash but they are all wrong, no one can kill a fire and the fire which he ignited in our hearts.But our books (mainly school books) didn't acknowledge the kind of

How to develop a good habit that can help me in the future

Hi Cierra ! Part of the answer Is in the Question! Future! Think Big, Plan Ahead and See Yourself What you Aren't yet, But watch it Come to pass before you're Very Eyes. What am I saying, Get so Enamored and Engulfed into what you Want to become so bad

Why are Statins not recommended for elder adults over 75 with high cholesterol?

The question takes for granted that statins are not recommended for the elderly over 75 of age, but it's not as simple as that.According to the latest ACC-AHA guidelines, statins are recommended for individuals who have a 10-year estimated risk of 7.5% or more for developing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease