What are the strangest and most unusual dreams you have ever experienced?

I can't write down just one single dream in this answer. My dreams are the weirdest thing around town, believe me.

Mainly because:

-I'm a lucid dreamer. That means that every single time I dream, I'm aware that I'm dreaming and it's not the real world. I first realised that I was a lucid dreamer as a child. Sometimes in my dreams I want to scream or say something loud but I won't because I am aware -in the dream- that if I do I will sleep talk in real life. Then I began controlling my movements and such. But that's another story.

-This is very freaky, but it has happened at least twice: My best friend explains me what she dreamt that night... And the next night I dream what she dreamt, in the way she described it, but with more details.

SO as you can imagine I've had some pretty hilarious/scary/iconic dreams over the years.

So, I'll begin explaining the first dream, which is a sequel of a dream my bestfriend had


All she told me (she tends to have short and way more coherent dreams than I do) is that she was having sex with some guy in the shower, but that was it. She didn't recognise the guy or something. She just knew they were having sex in the shower.

I never dream pleasant dreams, ever, all my dreams are nightmares, even my wet dreams tend to be terrible. Like I'm having sex with someone who i really don't want to in real life. Like a dirty ugly 80-year-old alcoholic woman, who demanded me to have sex with her, otherwise she won't sell her car to me. Also with children and animals, which is very disturbing. Sometimes it's pretty women too, but even then, something bad always happens. Like suddenly I realize that I'm having sex into a hole in their head and freak out and wake up!
But those are pretty normal, compared to the strange ones.

I dreamed I was a type penguin or fat fish, or both at the same time, in a cargo plane, and get dropped out / fall out and went into holes in a land that was purple and full of holes 4 dimensional holes even which was very confusing, and there were like tiny lions chasing me but i jumped and swam in these holes and came up on the purple ice, and everything looked like a really primitive computer game using the first 3d accelerators in the late 90s, terrible. And a feeling of absolute dread in the background of the whole thing.

Another time I dreamt that I was flying, i was demonstrating my flying skills (flying with my body that is, no tools or airplanes) by flyng in the town i went to high school in, but i ran into a treehouse where an old couple lived and they are bee reserchers so they've got bees and the bees chased after me and stung me.
I had to gain altitude quickly to get away from the bees then i realized "oh no today is when they have the air force live excercise" (how ever I would know that), and an attack helicopter chased me off into the country until i got stuck in the top of a tall tree (a conifer), then the helicopter shot a missile and the tree exploded beneath me, but I was unhurt but lost my hearing, which is strange because I don't normally have any sound in my dreams anyway. Then i flew off and the helicopter kept chasing me, and I flew in between some high power power lines and the helicopter couldn't stop in time, so it got stuck and crashed. But i felt very guilty for wrecking the helicopter and killing the pilots, so i went back to the town, and sang a song of guilt, then I asked to be executed for my crimes on the electric chair, which was actually a regular toilet seat and everyone in the town was out pointing at me and saying I was a murderer and then they turned it on and i died and woke up.

My most common dream is that I'm in a car and i see a flash, brighter than anything i've ever seen, and i realize it's a nuclear bomb, and then more and more flashes around the horizon, so a nuclear war has started, I jump out and hide in a ditch when the shockwave comes, sometimes I survive, sometimes I die. If i survive, I dream about all the things following a nuclear attack, getting radiation sickness from fallout because i can't get home to my house and basement in time, since the car electronics are fried by the EMP.
 Once I dreamt it was because i was picking some yellow flowers that were "uranium flowers" that caused the nuclear war... so it's my fault.

I had this dream more than 30 years ago, but to this day it has remained as vivid as when I had it. My father was dying of cancer. He had been ill for a long time and it was obvious the end was near. One night after visiting him, I had this dream: I was walking along the beach in Malibu around sunset. There was absolutely no one around but me. No one. I was alone except for seagulls swooping and screeching above the waves. I was walking at the water's edge with my bare feet sinking into the wet sand. I felt very much at peace when suddenly everything around me froze in place.

I typically have vivid, story-like dreams, but this one really took my breath away. It's been 5 years since it came to me and I think I will never forget it.

In this dream, I was a man living in a medieval-like village. I was about the age to get married, but I didn't really like any of the village girls. They seemed like they lack a certain depth, they were vulgar and insensitive. Some were pretty, but it was a very surface beauty.

Then I met HER. She was a foreigner, but I instantly felt like I've always known her. She was as beautiful as the night sky and her beauty permeated her whole being. We understood each other without words, and when we embraced, I felt like this is "home". We spent time together in quiet, peaceful joy and I was happy beyond imagining.

But the rest of the villagers didn't like what they see. There were bad words at first, but then they attacked us. They chased her out of the town and threw me to a dungeon.

They tortured me. I was to say that I don't love her and pick any local girl. I couldn't. It was just not possible. They kept me there for a very long time. Broken in body, mind filled with nothing but animal fear and not a semblance of human dignity left. But I just couldn't say what they wanted.

Finally, they chained me and led me outside. There was a crowd gathered and they pushed me through the people. Then I saw the pyre and lost control of my legs. They dragged me there and chained me to the stake, while I was sobbing and pleading as the crowd cheered. The fire was started and I distinctly remember the heat.

Suddenly, there was a huge gust of wind. It blew so hard that the stake collapsed, the burning bundles of wood were flying all around, the thatches from the surrounding roofs were thrown all over, there was mass panic. The wind stopped as suddenly as it started. The guards unchained me and went to calm the crowd, but not before assuring me I certainly won't get out of this and that they will plan something really special for later.

As I stood there in shock, an old man in a ragged cloak discreetly turned to me and said:

"This is a message from the woman who loves you" and he pushed a tiny ball of light he was hiding into my hand. I had tears in my eyes as I remembered her vividly and all the love I felt.

The tiny ball was growing in my hands and I could no longer conceal it. It grew and grew, but before anybody could do anything, it lifted me in the air and I was soaring upward. In mad joy I laughed as I circled the town, while arrows were fired at the target way out of reach.

The joy of flight was replaced by purpose. I wanted to find her. Flying, I followed a river and was certain it is the right way. It was so far away and I soon started to feel tired, exhausted. I remembered everything that has happened to me with regret and pain. The flight grew dangerous and uncontrollable. As I almost hit the ground, I thought of HER. That's when I was lifted up again. I needed to think of her as it was what was keeping me in the air.

Finally, I saw a clearing at the coast of a huge lake. There were houses and I was sure this is the place. I landed.

It was the most exceptional place, houses made of white marble with green vines around them, blending into the forest in a wild natural harmony. The people greeted me with warm smiles and gestured me to go on. That's when I saw her.

She was turned away, wearing a beautiful lace dress and veil. A wedding dress I realized. I took a step away. I knew she was waiting for me, but was I really the person she wanted to return? Hurt, crippled, dirty, dressed in rags, while she, a princess no less?

Then she turned and smiled the most beautiful smile I ever saw. It was not wild joy, it was quiet, pure happiness I saw. I felt something happening and looked at myself. My wounds were healing, scars disappearing, I was clean and dressed in a beautiful princely outfit, pale blue, decorated with pearls. I even had a feather in my hat.

I took her hand and she led me to the shore of the lake as the sun was setting. I realized this is an ancient wedding ceremony, that as the sun will disappear in the water and give it it's fire for a short but spectacular moment, we will be married and blessed.

I actually have the strangest, weirdest and craziest dreams, I shit you not. Alright, my children, get ready as I take you on a wild journey through a deep, enigmatic world called my brain. (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ

And so, the journey begins...


I wheeled my luggage bags by my side with a firm grip. The floor was glistening wet as the street lights reflected off the brick road. A gust of wind blew by and I held my umbrella tighter, rain falling violently.

The sight of a grande, picturesque mansion - shrouded by exotic plants, bushes and vines - came to view. The lights from within were warm and lit. The mansion beckoned me more as the rain began to pour.

Interesting facts about dreams.

  • The strangers in our dreams are actually real people who have crossed our path at least once in our lifetime. Our brain simply stores their faces, and our subconscious may end up casting them in our dreams during sleep.
  • It is thought, and documented in some case studies, that 10% to almost 13% have precognitive dreams (dreams of events that have yet to happen, but happen in the future).
  • Depression can cause you to dream up to three to four times more than normal.
  • Alien abduction stories are probably attributed to sleep paralysis, a condition where you wake up, dream-hallucinate that someone is in your room, and you can't move.
  • Babies can dream from day one (and possibly even before birth).
  • People who stop smoking after having been long time smokers, have reported much more vivid dreams than those who don't smoke.
  • 5 minutes after waking up 50% of a dream is forgotten and after 10 minutes 90% of the dream is forgotten.
  • People who are blind too dream. Instead of dreaming visually, they dream with their senses of smell, sound, touch, and also emotion.
  • An average human being spends 6 whole years of his/her life dreaming.
  • There is not one person who doesn't dream, except those who have psychological disorders. If you think you don't dream, it's just that you're forgetting your dreams.
  • It's not only you who dreams, animals dream too just like this leopard lost in his dream world after eating lunch. The best example is a dog; you will often see them twitching their paws as if they are running in their dreams.
  • From:Interesting facts about dreams.

I am sure you will laugh like a mad after reading this one.

So, the dream was like this- I saw my parents are preparing for my wedding. Celebrations are going around in full energy and excitement. I remember I wore a beautiful red Benarasi saree, with red bindi and heavy jewelries. Makeup artists were doing my hair, someone was putting my eyeliner and it was like a celebrity wedding. But in all these celebrations, nobody noticed my tears. I was crying. Why?? Because my going to be husband was 80 years old fellow, who probably came wit his grand children and had no teeth. He wore horlicks glasses, and whenever he smiled at me, I felt like jumping from my roof and die.

So I went to my dad and requested him- " Papa please I don't want to...I mean why are you doing this!" To which my papa replied- " Please don't say no now, I have already made my black suit and I am ready. See the delicious dishes that had been made. Please get married for the TIME BEING." I felt like whaaatttttt.....I ran to my mom and told the same thing. My mom's respond was more astounding- "Now please don't say no. See, after 20 years I got to wear this traditional neck piece. Please na...please.."

I quickly called my brother and told him- " Dada, Papa and Mom are forcing me to marry a 80 years old chipmunk. Please help na dadaaaaaaaaaa." My brother's respond was this - "Hey Duggu( my nickname) please, see I am in the last stage of Call of duty, please after finishing I will come . Bye."




After this, I woke with a sudden jolt and looked at my mother, father and my brother. They were all sleeping beside me. I climbed down the bed and went to the toilet and splashed water on my face. I looked into the mirror and thought- " This was really a WEIRD DREAM." and I laughed like a mad woman. Till now this dream never fails to kick my funny bones!

I had this dream after splitting up with my ultimate dream man - untamed, unconventional, unnerving. Adventurous. Too broadminded for anybody's good. A bohemian's bohemian.

I wanted the breath of him on the back of my neck perpetually. To always feel his heat.

Not your average joe, in fact a free-spirited, 6ft vintage joe with wild hair and when we first met he had chipped black nailpolish wearing a brown suit of purple pinstripes and laced up winklepickers, almost straight from a 1947 menswear catalogue or Jack Kerouac novel, come to life just for me.

Dripping hot sex, addictive, your blood jumps. Our eyes pools of desire for each other. We could fuck in a ravaged wasteland or the City of God - the passion would be one and the same.

A bronzed broad physique, chest pelt akin to Christopher Hitchens, he's an artist's model every Monday and Thursday night.

Out all hours most nights, we go to sleep in the mornings and when we wake he makes me breakfast in the afternoons, nude. I watch his penis softly flouncing about as he moves between the kitchen island, the sink, the stove, when he stands from kneeling to get something from the back of the fridge. So fragile when not in hard-on mode.

And everything's fucking beautiful! His smile reverberating off walls and blue eyes glimmering, like a cloud you fall into.

I was never into the ‘marriage' thing, being somebody's wife, because one day I realised I didn't have to be if I didn't want - then I met him. Finally I got the age-old concept.

But these type of affairs don't last. They can't. They always have to end. I will retain him as a memory to smile about when on my rocking chair as an old woman and to take with me when I go.

But right, the dream - -

I'm laying across my bed. It's ten months after splitting up, still trying to move forward, to get over him but, fuck, really, it's just another day of pining madly for a ghost and what we had and slowly going insane knowing the ultimate truth I can never go back.

It's a sweet toxic ache all over the place when you're this mentally fatigued over someone and clinging to memories.

It's not just crying. It's a deep, overwhelming density of sobbing from love-lost, from pain. What else is there but days that drag with one foot in the past, the other in the here and now? When will I shed this skin?

I have to let go but nothing in my personal kitbag works this time to help me achieve it - not logic, nor common sense, disassociating or detachment. Emotions are the permanent chink in the armour every day.

I literally cry out loud to anything, anyone, Buddha, Persephone, Baal, Ganesh. The spirit world if it exists. I need help. I'm desperate to get on with things again.

Falling asleep from exhaustion once more, it comes through closed eyelids. A message. Both my maternal and paternal long-dead grandmothers, Annie and Jessie, materialise floating toward me in a haze of a dream.

Tall, lithe, beautiful, long-necked and in their prime. Hair worn high, elaborate feathered hats and in the most romantic of Edwardian attire I saw them wear in old framed photographs on the mantel piece back at home with Mum and Dad. Breathtakingly, they are old-world hotness.

They've come to me to share something concise but poignant in a moment of convergence.

" - - Justine - - you have a long life to live - - so the sooner you get over him, the better it will be. You lived without him before, and you'll live without him again."

They disappear.

And there it is. Strange how it descends in a moments notice like that even if you asked for it. This message stays with me and eventually puts me on track. I'll be all right. I'll be up and breathing tomorrow and light and pollen and spores will soon float in the air again and the world will be aglow.

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