What are the strangest things that you have experienced while hiking?

I was hitchhiking near Chartres, France when a young boy picked me up. We had a nice long conversation, and I told him all about myself. His English was pretty good, and he said that he had to pick up his father but his father didn't like hitchhikers so he'd have to drop me off. A little time after he dropped me off, I saw him again pulled over on the side of the road and he beckoned me to come over. He said he talked to his father about me and since I was a teacher, his father wanted to help me out. They said they were going on holiday to their place outside of Chartres, and I was welcomed to go with them. One thing about traveling alone and with no agenda is that you can take people up on their offers. After a wonderful lunch, in which they paid for, we were off to their summer place. I could hardly believe it when we got there. It was in word: a castle! They apologized stating that they only use three rooms in the castle because of the expense of the upkeep. What did I care, because I was going to stay in the castle for the first time in my life. The next morning, they made breakfast, but the eggs were overcooked and a toast burnt. I thought all French people were wonderful cooks but not these two. The next day, I did the cooking. They were so impressed with my cooking that they offered me to stay there as long as I wanted after they left. I stayed there with them for four days and left with a happy heart. See what hitchhiking can bring you.

How to improve my excercise routine

Start working out with what you said but add exercises likeSquatsBurpeesDipsHandstand push-upsAnd stretchesMore along with pushups and pull ups.For more workout which you can do at home check this out Workout For Increasing Strength and Power | Circuit Training For Explosive Strength | Level - MediumConnect with me on social media for more help regarding

Is there correlation between squat 1RM weight and vertical jump height?

Correlation? Of course! I would wager that two men of equal mass with varying squat strength would have varying vertical leap.A squat involves you compressing yourself by, as the name implies, squatting down with weight on your shoulders and then returning to the upright position. This requires work (and strength) from multiple

Are we humans a programmed species?

Absolutely.Schools, toys, television programming (it's called that for a reason I guess) books, papers, magazines, billboards, social media, radio, cinema, are all vehicles used to carefully program us into what consumerist and socially preferred direction governing bodies and those who monetarily profit from specific behaviours wish to implement.