What are the things that one get in a true love relationship?

  1. Loyal Partnership.
  2. Someone that believes in you and someone that you believe in.
  3. Togetherness.
  4. Someone that always has your back.
  5. Happiness.
  6. Passion.
  7. Admiration.
  8. Accountability.
  9. Tenderness.
  10. Grounded.
  11. Desire.
  12. Pleasure.
  13. Checked.
  14. Great Hugs.
  15. Sweet Kisses.

Thanks for A2A, Lavish Daksh.

What is the best way to be able to do more of an exercise eg press ups, is it to gradually increase the reps or the amount of time spent on the exercise?

I think that the best way to improve at an exercise is to vary between the options available to you. Increasing your training frequency is one way of getting stronger, but it is not necessarily the best way to get stronger. You should experiment with different combinations in order to gauge what works best for you. For example,

Can I still join the United States navy if I have an offensive (opinion) tattoo on the side of my face and another on the back of my head?

I found this online:According to Navy regulations, enlistment standards are based on four criteria,Content: Obvious as it may seem, the navy doesn't want its sailors walking around covered in images of swastikas, gang signs, or anything else that might jeopardize unit cohesion. Basically, if a tattoo pisses people off, or has the potential to

What is a low carb diet menu?

I'll pick the foods that are healthiest and cause the least reactions:BeefLambOrganic lettuceOrganic celeryWild fish(not mollusks and crustaceans)Grass-fed butterTallowBreakfast could be a plain 1/2lb bunless ground beef patty seared in butter, lunch a lettuce bowl with butter seared steak, and dinner could be a steak or 1/2lb bunless patty