What are the things you do that most people take for granted?

Arriving on time.

This has to be one of the most annoying things I have seen people taking for granted.

Case 1:

A friend asks me to hangout for coffee. We decide that we will meet at my office and go together around 3pm outside the physics building.

I reach there by 2:55pm and the other person arrives a full 20 minutes late.

Case 2:

A friend asks for a ride to the restaurant. The time is decided and I reach his place 5 minutes early to pick him up.

I wait outside his apartment for 15 minutes. Turns out he started getting ready when I came to his place.

Moral of the story: I know time is relative but please be punctual and understand the value of someone else's time.

Should I be worried that I went from 120 to 140 pounds in less than 6 months without the way I look changing? I'm fairly certain that it isn't muscle mass.

Are you a teenager? If so ,then it's possible your body frame meaning you bones tendons etc is growing. Espescially around the ages 12–15. That is good that your body is growing like this because it means your putting on healthy weight. You shouldn't be worried especially if you already have a balanced diet and is actively playing sports.

How to motivate a person to work out

The only way to motivate others is to demonstrate, by example, the effort, and the reward, of being self-motivated.Nothing else works. And, sometimes, this doesn't, either.Bottom line: if a person wants to work out, he/she will. If a person does not want to work

Does fasting (time restricted eating) really help with concentration?

It absolutely can. Intermittent fasting has many great benefits, but as with most things, results vary by person. The only way to find out if it will give you better concentration, is to try it for at least a few weeks or months until you become fat adapted (burning stored fat for energy as opposed to introduced