What are the tips and tricks to crack aiims in two months?

AIIMS is conducted by CBSE board, the syllabus will cover NCERT 11th and 12th biology,physics and chemistry books
Preparation tips :
1. firstly target must be setting a goal for what rank you want to get
2. Know your strengtha and weakness eg. you may be good in biology and weak in physics. You must ignore weakness and make it strength and leave every weakness
3. You must plan to study, make time to study some chapters every day and make sure that you complete your syllabus on time
4. practice very hard till you be perfect in the chapters
5. Daily take some rest and exercise your body so that it relieves your stress
6. Eat vegetables and fruits more and stay away from fatty, fried and high sugar foods

If you have very less time to prepare then
1. Don't waste in reading new chapters, it will make you face problems
2. Be very perfect in what you have read before
3. Read it once again

Books to be preferred for AIIMS :
1. Arihant AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination & 5 Mock Tests;
2. Mtg AIIMS Explorer ( 17 Years Solved Papers) by Dr Sandeep Ahlawat;
3. Ramesh AIIMS Prev Solved Papers;
4. GB Comprehensive MCQs in Biology by Hemant Roy;
5. Prakash Objective Zoology: A Standard Book for AIIMS;
6. Prakash Objective Botany: A Standard Book for AIIMS;
7. GRB Objective Chemistry Vol. I & II;
8. GRB Objective Physics Vol. I & II

Who first discovered cell phone chargers? And what is the history of phone chargers?

It was Xiferia, in 4012 BC.It took another 6000 years to use it, though.That first charger is now enshrined in Lower Latvia, Ystrus Provincial Capitol Building.Next to Grynthon II, their first king.

Will Xiaomi ever overtake Samsung or Apple in phone sales?

We cannot predict the future of anything .Agreed xiaomi is doing well in numbers but it's limited to Asian markets.Its cheap and also not so reliable.More affordable markets wouldn't prefer them.After all no body knows if they start

Why is data mining required?

A book can be written out of this question. There is no place where you can think of why data mining is not required.Organizations, NGOs , Individuals, Countries think of any entity that doesn't require information. Information is mined from Data.Example :GDP numbers, data accumulated from different sources gets tabulated and then presented. India's