What are the top 10 travel tips for visiting Scotland?

  1. Visit the Highlands (they're beautiful, the people are lovely and the culture and history are fascinating)
  2. Particularly visit Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park (the views are bloody magical - stay in an AirBnB cottage or something like that. Imagine lush green moss covering stones, crisp clear lakes, mountains covered in clouds and dark enchanted forests).
  3. Do at least one whisky distillery tour
  4. Visit the main tourist/historical sites in Edinburgh, they're worth seeing (Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish history section of the National Museum, etc.) Try to engage with the history while you're there to get an appreciation of the place (good advice when visiting any country).
  5. Give both Edinburgh and Glasgow a visit (albeit they both have very different vibes - Edinburgh is very Medieval while Glasgow is more modern, albeit they're both interesting).
  6. Haggis is delicious. If you can handle pate, you can definitely handle haggis.
  7. Scottish pubs often aren't the boring/generic sports-bars common in so many other countries (the food is and atmosphere are often, not always, much better).
  8. Rent a car to get around and don't be afraid to stop in little villages to look around or buy things (however, if you're from North America or Europe, the driving on the Left, particularly on such narrow roads, can be intimidating at first).
  9. If you're Canadian be prepared to see a lot of familiar place names (Banff, Perth, Tobermory, Calgary, etc, etc, etc - Canada really is a Scottish-influenced country in many respects).
  10. Enjoy the laid-back and friendly atmosphere of the people, the incredible natural beauty (second only to Canada imho) and the fascinating history.
  11. If like many Canadians you have Scottish relatives, look them up and give them a visit (I did).
  12. Get into the local music scene, both folky and modern.

  1. Dress in layers, and be prepared for several types of weather. Hot, cold, windy, wet, sunny, all in one day.
  2. Be prepared to walk. The cities have very poor parking, so it's best to find a place and walk where you want to go. It's a much easier, and more intimate way of exploring.
  3. Edinburgh in August is VERY crowded due to the festival season. If you are going to be near there during that time, plan ahead, book ahead, or head elsewhere.
  4. Don't just hit the cities - go out into the countryside. Better yet, go to the islands, or up along the north coast. So many beautiful places are off the beaten path!
  5. Midges - they are nasty little critters that come up to bite you in swarms. They are most active in the morning and evening. Skin So Soft works to keep them at bay. They are smaller than gnats and hurt!
  6. Do try the local food, especially the seafood. It is delicious! The best scallops I've ever had, fantastic salmon, mussels, etc.
  7. Don't bother trying to understand the Glaswegian accent. :)
  8. Petrol (gas) stations and grocery stores may be few and far between when driving around outside the cities. Stock up when you see one.
  9. If you stay at a B&B, take advantage of the enormous Full Scottish Breakfast, and you won't be hungry until 3pm.
  10. If you are hungry at 3pm because of that huge breakfast, keep in mind some pubs and restaurants are closed mid-afternoon, and may not open until 5-6pm for dinner. Bring snacks to tide you over!
I have more tips and tricks in my ebook on planning a trip to Scotland. It might be helpful!

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  • Go to Glasgow
    • The local accent is not as hard to understand as many people think, but we were talking mainly with people in the hospitality business
    • The Kelvingrove Museum is terrific
    • The Transport Museum is terrific
    • The local food is now curry; Eat at The Wee Curry, if you can get in
  • Many pubs are owned by chains with identical menus at each one; try to find independent pubs or at least a different chain
  • The tourist haggis in tourist pubs is innocuous and mostly oatmeal as far as I can tell
  • Fish and chips is often really good, as are Arbroath Smokies and finnan haddie (different styles of smoked haddock), Cullen Skink is chowder.
  • In Edinburgh, the National Museum and National Gallery are great
  • Jack Aubrey's career is largely based on that of Thomas Cochrane, including a stock market scandal. If you read Patrick O'Brian, see the Cochrane artifacts at the National Museum

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Why are you here? There really is something for everyone.UNESCO cities of music, literature and design. I'm proud of that but Georgian architecture and town planning would be difficult to beat in Edinburgh. The beaches of Harris ( And the gin) .Victorian stained glass in Glasgow, the Kelvingrove. Just Glasgow. Though not the capital, definitely Scottish. The west is different from the east and the islands must be touched.. Scotland's area is 1/3 of the UK. But only 8% of the population. When they became part of the UK in 1707 they were 20%

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What is your best advice for traveling in Scotland?

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