What are the upcoming hackathons in India in 2016 ? Is there no place where we can get all this Info?

To give you a precise answer to your question, you can check out NASA's Space Apps Challenge which is happening with collaboration with hackSociety in Delhi on 28th April, 2017. We also have a hack day planned on 1st July on which we plan to organise 3 hackathons simultaneously in different parts of Delhi-NCR and have a mega showdown with the best teams from all three locations. Follow our facebook page to stay updated.

By the way, you should totally check out hackSociety, which is primarily India's first hackathon league. We are a group of passionate hackers and community enablers who empower hackers to organise and attend cool hackathons. Whether you are organising your first hackathon or the tenth edition of your annual one, we could help you with something or the other to make it better.

Moreover, you are bound to have an amazing experience at any hackSociety hackathon since we try to foster the right environment at each hackathon we collaborate with. Check out what all you missed at Clash Hacks, our first ever event here. See the banner at the top of the site ? Look out for it in future events and make sure you attend the one you see this at because it will definitely be awesome.

We also encourage an support organisers in any and every aspect we can since we believe hackathons are changing the world and we want to lead that revolution here in India. I wrote a medium article about why organising a hackathon can prove to be an amazing experience for college students. You can check that out here. You can check out what all we offer to organisers here.

Is a heart rate of 120 dangerous?

A heart rate of 120 means tachycardia (above 100). Important is regularity of the rate. If it is irregular it can be atrial fibrillation requiring treatment. Also important is previous history and symptoms Dyspnea, palpitations, chest pain). Is there heart disease of any

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Do Christian women in Kerala wear Mangalsutra?

Yes. I was lead to this answer from another and since i find big words like cultural pollution (indicating its not of much use) used by others , i had to answer. It is of much cultural and religious importance.Because : you will find a Hindu under every Indian christian. In Kerala the thali is called minnu which is