What are the various problems faced by parents to get their children married?

The first challenge is to arrive at the right bride or the groom.

Next is their demands. The choice is ours toeet it or reject it. Or report it.

Following that is the schedule. Some parents want vilayati son IL or D IL. The hurry and the rush begins. Sadly, parents have to go slow on this.

The choice of place of the mandap and the arrangements are expensive because of the need for the grandeur.

Getting a daughter/ son inlaw who isn't greedy is the ultimate challenge.

In case you do get one, the cahachas and the buas interfere make it difficult for the newly weds.

Can you bring cigarettes on a plane?

Hi, I'm a journalist who writes extensively on international tobacco regulation.I'm not aware of a single airline in the world which prohibits you from carrying cigarettes. Even Bhutan Airlines, the carrier of probably the most anti-smoking country on the entire globe, will let

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How to stop acting feminine/gay

Lots of advice. No answers. As Quora is a Q & A forum, here is your answer:I. Get your testosterone checked. If it is very low and you do not have a genetic disorder, do a course of T therapy - prolonged therapy harms ability to produce