What are three weird tips about visiting Toronto, Canada?

Enjoy the multiculturalism.

I was sitting in an Indian restaurant when I noticed a Japanese restaurant across the hall. I said to the waiter "Usually you can't see Japan from India, China is usually in the way". He replied, "The Chinese are on the second floor".

On the 506 streetcar, you can travel through, India Bazaar, East End Chinatown, Little Italy, and Polish/Ukrainian Roncesvalles. These are business districts, the people can live anywhere. Get a Ride Guide, a map of the city and its transit routes.

There are more languages spoken in the Toronto School Board than at the United Nations.

See the City Halls and the legislature building.

City Halls, there are six of them. Before 1999, Metropolitan Toronto consisted of five cities and the only borough in Canada. They all had city halls that reflected the character of each community. They are still being used by the unified city but retain some of the particular flair.

Toronto is also the capital of Ontario and the legislature grounds is called "Queen's Park". The park and the building are fascinating places. Statues and artwork to see for free.

Go visit the nuclear reactor.

Under the Engineering Building, at the University of Toronto, on College Street, a short walk from Queen's Park, is a fully functional nuclear reactor. It is used for radiation study by the engineers and health studies programs.

The Hotels are cheaper in the Fall and Spring then they are in the summer. If you don't mind cool weather you can probably get a better rate.

Get a day pass from the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) and you will save money using public transit. You can get them for individuals or families.

Don't be afraid to talk to the local people. You will find most people are very friendly and will give you great ideas of where to go and what to see.

Not sure that they are weird tips but that's my 2 cents worth.

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