What are we all searching for in our lives?

To some up in short.. every individual in his/her life is seeking for what they don't have in their present life or may have lost. Also, many times people tend to search fulfillment of their inner feeling from what they do in their day to day life. Desire can be anything like happiness, revenge, money, health, love, fun, power, popularity and much more.

Psychologically, humans tend to seek something that will make them feel complete or better at every stage of their life.

For example, an individual has a family, a good job, the house will definitely search for a life partner for love and to feel complete. Once he/she has a life partner will desire for a baby, and so it goes on.

Every stage of our life will make us feel incomplete or show us that we need to add on particular thing to our life to make it complete. Humans believe once their life is complete they will be happy. Hence in the dream of happiness always tent to search what will complete their life.

The obvious answer to the question is -happiness, but i would like to contradict here.

Sometimes we intensionally make our ourselves sad even if there is no such reasons to be so. We feel sad so that we can be happy in the very next moment. So we are not really searching for happiness.

Ultimately, nothing we gain in our lifetime is worth more than a glass of water and a loaf of bread . Yet the fact remains that we exist - in all our pointless glory .

Then what are we searching for in our lives ? What is the special purpose to human existence ?

We are searching for answers. We are searching for truth - the truth behind every word, concept, or dream. This is what life is really about : observing, thinking and thoroughly understanding everything about ourselves and the universe . The joy is in comprehending.

And once we understand we get our answers and our search is complete .

Hi There.

Every human on planet wishes to be happy all around the year if not for life.

Happiness comes in many forms and sizes and shapes and some costs few and some costs shit ton of money.

We humans always desire to be in top quality of life with all the luxury, comfort and accessibility of things.

Most work hard for it, some get inherited. All we need in life is Roof over the Head, Food over the Table and Clothing to cover ourselves from weather.

But things aren't happening that simple in this world, isn't it? To make our lives easier we invented stuffs which made life more challenging and hard.

That's what we created, that's what we are suffering from.


We all are searching for Stability in our lives.

From the beginning we start to go to school, learn things then choose for our careers and go in different fields.....

Ultimately all we do is for money and settlement....this settlement provides us stability.

Although in todays world this isn't happening...

What does a laser beam have to do with the frequency of light? Waves of light?

Many light sources are the result of heat and blackbody radiation. Sources like camp fires, the Sun, stars, and tungsten light bulbs all work this way. The give off a broad spectrum of frequencies across the visible band and beyond.For example, here is the solar spectrum above and below the atmosphere.

How many people in the world truly believe in God?

All of them. Every single person that's alive today or has ever lived knows God exists. They simply suppress that truth. The responses to this question will demonstrate how obvious it is. For the sake of experiment, open another question asking

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