What are you happy for?

I am happy for each and everything that I have in my life. Be it the good things as well as the bad. I'm happy and grateful for everything.

Whenever you feel you don't have anything to be happy for, close your eyes take a deep breath and feel in the life inside you. Feel in the potential that is there inside you and be motivated to do the best out of the life that you have.

You may wonder why I am happy for the bad things in life.

Well, you need to know that nobody's life is perfect. It's the imperfections that make life beautiful and worth living. I'm happy for the hardships because it makes me who I am and gives me a sense of identity. My hardships make me realize where I want to be. It motivates me towards my goal of being a better person. Without the hardships, life would be boring and I wouldn't really be as motivated as I am today.

Your question ‘ what are you happy for? ‘ makes me feel that you aren't happy for some reason which is not known to me.

But remember whatever it is, take your challenges as opportunities. An opportunity to excel and conquer.

In short, happiness is a state of mind. You may have all the treasures of the world but you may still not be happy. On the contrary, you may be happy even with the simple things in life. It all ultimately depends on your perspective towards life.

I am happy for myself as I have become more stronger to pass through any hardest situation by analysing myself being calm and patient through tackling the worse .

To control ur mind when ur heart doesn't want to...Just believe god have faith and patience with him and move ahead .Be courageous..

I am happy beacause-

  1. I am alive (the most important reason)
  2. I get delicious food to eat (maa ke hath ka Khaana )
  3. I have a good house to live
  4. And the most important thing I am happy for is that whenever I am late or out of house my family members waits for me , worry for me until I return back home (that is the most beautiful thing seeing the wait in the eyes of my mom, dad ,brother, dog for me)
  5. Last but not least I am the gods unique creation despite of being flawed , imperfect he made me like this for a big reason .


I'm happy for warm beds, blankets, roof over my head, friends to cheers, good food. I'm happy for having family's support. I'm happy for knowing that there is someone looking up for me. I'm happy with the fact that in someplace, someone might have my pics saved(lol).

Happier of me is while I'm coding. And happiest of me, when it runs successfully.

Happy Reading. :)

  1. Loving parents and sister.
  2. A good education.
  3. A good job.
  4. Caring parents-in-law.
  5. A Loving partner.
  6. A perfect child.
  7. A good social circle.
  8. A best friend.

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