What are you planning to cook for dinner today?

Curried salmon on rice with red cabbage and peppers

It turns out that I am on a business trip in China and if I eat dinner tonight, I will eat out rather than cook. But I had a big breakfast and a big lunch and I may just skip dinner altogether.

As for my typical ritual, I usually have something with ground beef or some beef like Swiss Steak or chicken-fried steak on Mondays (even though it is red beans and rice day in my hometown. Tuesdays are tacos, which may mean any kind of taco (breakfast, hard, soft, fish, etc), enchiladas, burritos or fajitas... you get the idea. Wednesdays are usually pork... chops, slow cooked pork butt, stir-fry, or family favorite pork medallions a la neige, recipe compliments of the great New Orleans chef Warren LeRuth. Thursdays are usually chicken days and there are a million ways to cook chicken. Fridays are usually something simple like burgers or sausage. Weekends are the big meals. Pot roast or lasagna... that kind of thing.

Beef tenderloin, quinoa, ribbons of fresh, local yellow summer squash, and steamed broccoli.

Crockpots are the best.

I put a whole chicken in my Crockpot before I left for a bike ride. By the time I got home the aroma of that juicy bird was calling to my nose holes like picnic baskets call to Yogi Bear.

I made some pasta and vegetables to go with it, not an extravagant affair. It got the job done though.

Chicken fajitas

I made pasta mixed with pineapple juice and pizza sauce. Sounds weird, but it's inexpensive and tastes pretty ok.

What does my storm dream mean?

There is a really great site called Dream Moods Dictionary and it has thousands of dream interpretation links alphabetized that you can access by name. Water and storms have a lot of significant meanings but you have to analyze them in the context also of what these things mean to you personally. Here

In Doctor Who, why doesn't anyone believe in aliens?

Well, they didn't used to, then they did, then they stopped, then they did again.In the classic series (1963–89), the majority of humans on earth never experienced any aliens. There was a small military organization, U.N.I.T., that handled alien incursions to Earth, with the help of the Doctor as their scientific advisor. Any civilians who became involved with these

Do you think the world will see a nuclear exchange somewhere within the next 5 years?

No, not even if North Korea successfully launches a nuke and attacks someplace we care about.The reason is that we have nothing to gain by