What are your favorite shows right now?

Madame Secretary jumps to the top of the list. Blue Bloods is not far behind (both on CBS). Odd, even to me, that they're both standard, network TV offerings, because those types of shows generally need to pander to advertising pressure; to keep things light, generally (though not always) non-controversial, appealing to the least common denominator(s) of human interest, and in terms of intellectual content, understandable by a 12-year-old.

"Right now" is a term that signifies on-going, because it's hard to include shows that have been watched, and are, essentially, done. I'm not watching Netflix's Daredevil series, because I've watched all three seasons (Vincent D'Onofrio, who plays the villain, Fisk, ultimately known as Kingpin is mesmerizing). Nothing to watch at the moment, though. The series prompted my interest in The Defenders (Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones), a sort of separate Marvel Universe that has the four super-heroes protecting specifically New York, is also done (so far). That series has prompted my interest in the separate Jessica Jones series, which I expect to watch soon. She's such a feisty, iconoclastic character; gotta love her.

I regret to say that I watched a few episodes of Hulu's Handmaid's Tale and then, life intervened and I lost the thread. What I saw was excellent and I had every intention of following it through to its conclusion, but it was something that I watched with my significant other, and arranging our different schedules interfered with an ability to watch it together. I include it among my "favorite shows," in part because I've a bit of history with the story; read the original novel by Margaret Atwood and saw the general release film that was made of it in 1990 with Natasha Richardson and a terrific script by world-renowned playwright Harold Pinter.

Dipping back into the series-over category, I really like Amazon's Bosch series, which also comes with a predisposition of having read Michael Connelly's novels. Titus Welliver, who plays Bosch, struck me almost immediately as the perfect choice for the role. Had never heard of him before, but from the minute I saw him, he crystallized an already-formed impression of the character.

Am enjoying Cape Town on Amazon, as well, about a Cape Town, South African detective (Mac Joubert), based on a series of excellent, page-turning thriller novels by Deon Meyer. None of the translated novels (originally written in Afrikaans) are entitled Cape Town, and the series is based on a number of them rather than a single book from the series. The South African accents can be a little daunting at times (in the way that in spite of it being English, it can be hard to adapt to the language inflections of Shakespeare, for example).

Finally, before this turns into novel length, I'll add Amazon's Goliath, with Billy Bob Thornton playing a seriously flawed lawyer who gets dragged out of the mire of his flaws to defend clients in murder cases. Two seasons available. Watch them in order.

That, if recommendations prompt you to action, should keep you busy for a while.

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