What are your favorite workouts at the gym, and favorite pre and post workout snacks?

Definition.... A "workout" is an entire exercise session. During a workout, we do individual "exercises".

So, which one are you talking about?

I do a full-body weight-training workout twice a week. I work all the major muscle groups of the body... takes about an hour. I can't really say I have a "favorite" exercise.... They are all important.

Where can I find some good Java practice problems?

If you want to really practice good problems in every domain like competitive etc. then start follow any of the below link and take you coding skills to a new height with exponential growth. 14 links are there with excellent coding problems.Technology and IT Community in India - Here, not only

If you do an intense work out every morning, how long would it take until you burn 10-15 pounds?

Intense workout is approximately 0.2 cal/min/kg. This is heavy workout close to your functional threshold. Say, you're 90kg (198 lbs)  person and you're working out for 1 hour every day. This will account for ~7500 kcal per week. High intensity aerobic exercises are somewhat 20%

Do guys who wear jackets or jumpers in gyms afraid of showing their skinny arms in front of ladies with bulging biceps and six-pack abs?

There are those who are insecure about their body. They are there to get better, though.There are people who go to gyms and try to show off. Good for them. At least they work out.And then there are those you don't mention. Those who are not insecure. Those who do not have a complex. Those who