What are your favourite things to do when visiting Singapore?

  1. Don't bring a whole crate of bubblegum with you.
  2. Don't bring guns or weapons with you into Singapore.
  3. Bring light colored and short sleeved clothes. You'll thank me later.
  4. Learn basic Singlish phrases or you'll have a hard time staying in Singapore.
  5. Singapore is a multiracial country with strict laws against racism. Don't even try.
  6. Don't bring drugs.
  7. Research Singapore and our rules before you go here.
  8. If you're gay or lesbian and bring your boyfriend/girlfriend to Singapore with you, please don't kiss in public. Not because I'm homophobic, but because a lot of Singaporeans are. And sex between two gay men is illegal, but not enforced, so just be careful.
  9. Don't insult our leaders or deceased important people. Amos Lee did and got arrested.


Thanks for the A2A.

I'm a singaporean so technically i don't think i qualify to answer since i don't ‘visit' my home country...but i want to answer this as a singaporean traveller going to other countries and returning/'visiting' Singapore after my adventures.

In December 2017,I went to 3 consecutive countries(Korea,USA & Canada) for a month in total.Homegrown local singaporean obviously misses his Malay local dishes-Rendang,Nasi Lemak,Nasi Ayam Penyet and the list goes on... It was tough for me as this was my first time travelling *FAR* and halal options were lacking honestly.I survived on bread, salad, beans, potatoes,fish etc.I miss eating *halal* meat for once in my life. So here's what i did when i returned to Singapore after a month of harsh winter season...

1)Sleep cause of jetlag obviously.I mean this is the basic norm if you're travelling to ANY country that requires like more than 8hours of flight.

2)Eating local dishes like A LOT. This experience made me feel more grateful of our local dishes to be honest.

3)Exercising.Like Seriously. I jog like twice a week near my AirBnB apartment and i couldn't sweat because it was just too cold(or maybe i couldn't feel it).It really felt so weird as being in Singapore, i can start to sweat the moment the fan is turned off. I'm not the only Singaporean who has this issue okay or Am I? :/

4)Going to certain areas like the Park,Beaches or even the Train Station.I will start to have visions of my time being in those areas in different countries then i will start comparing like which country has better infrastructures etc. Sometimes, i feel Singapore is so much better in certain areas and at the same time there are other areas that i felt Singapore gotta *really* step up the game.

PS:If i was a tourist in Singapore, i really really think that i would go for the food instantly after i've touched down on Singapore.Singaporeans love their food.Tourists should too!

Just a suggestion.

Get on the Singapore Flyer first, they provide a short introduction about Singapore heritage and places to visit. Take a note on which places interests you the most or just google.

As a Singaporean thinking in a tourist perspective, I will most probably enjoy going to heritage sites like Little India, Chinatown, Kampong Glam.

Tourist will love it, especially when their travel dates coincides with Singapore public holidays like Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya.

I do love the view of Promenade area, strolling through Esplanade and Singapore River views.

Eat. Eat again, Eat some more.

Yes, you can visit the Bird Park, the Singapore Zoological Gardens, the Botanic Gardens, Hort Park, Mt Faber, Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and much, much more.

But the best thing about Singapore must be the food. There is so much variety and, while there are many fine food establishments on the island, I urge you to hit the food centres.

Not the food courts, those hygenic, clean, and air-conditioned halls offering you a variety of food. They are all right.

Hit the food centres in the various housing estates. These are sometimes next to wet markets. The food tends to be cheaper and, I think, a lot tastier (too clean washes out the flavour too).

The trains and buses will get you to most of them (many are right next to train stations and bus terminii).

You may diet in preparation for a trip or after you get back.

Just prepare earlier, bring sun block & have some places to go in mind.

  • Tree Top Walk hiking
  • hiking in so many other parks & nature reserves
  • Sembawang Park & Beach
  • Window Shop in malls
  • Crabing in sea or on islands (even though I don't eat them, just for fun)
  • Walking in Chinatown area

There's so much more to do almost for free or free. And of course those that needs an entry ticket or some payment is all up to your preference.

Singapore has loads to see and involves a fair bit of walking. Here is some of the things I liked doing.

  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Marina Bay
  • Museums
  • Wondering around Chinatown there is temples, food, and other things
  • Sentosa Island, Expensive but Universal Studios, waterpark, beach, and other things
  • Orchard Rd - Is a shopping street with all the high street stores.
  • More detail here and travel tips here

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