What are your predictions for what will happen in Avengers 4?

I am a huge fan of MCU since 2008.

And when Infinity War released my hopes were that Thanos should not be acquiring all 6 stones in the first part and I definitely not hoped for a cliffhanger ending of Infinity War.

But after watching it two more times I realised Infinity War was Thanos oriented.

My version of Avengers 4

  • Thor inquires about Stark. None of the Avengers know what to say.
  • If the theory of Banner is Loki true, Thor deduces it just by interacting with Banner, and Loki then reveals where the other half of the Asgardians with Valkyrie and Hulk now Banner are.
  • Tony and Nebula reach to the Avengers Facility and finally calls Captain. Asks him to bring almost everyone with him.
  • Thor and Loki travel to the place where the leftover asgardians are and promises to meet in upstate.
  • Everyone gathers around dead Vision, Tony in center, Shuri asks the same question earlier asked to Banner, Tony gives a dead look and says "Go ask Ultron". Then it dawned to everyone that Tony and Banner had no big role in creating Vision. The vibranium body was developed by Ultron and Helen Cho. All they did was uploaded Jarvis into Vision
  • Thor and Loki meet the Asgardians and they see Banner normal and Valkyrie tells that after Heimdall bifrosted them away before Sanctuary II invaded their ship, she took the knocked out hulk in to a small spaceship and Loki took place of Hulk.
  • Meanwhile Ant Man still stuck in Quantum Realm cannot understand what is happening. Cassie who survived the snap, somehow reaches the van and contacts with Scott on the radio. He tries to instruct her to bring him back. She successfully brings him back teasing for the YOUNG AVENGERS.
  • On the other hand Captain Marvel receiving the message of Fury comes to Earth and discovers the new SHIELD facility in Upstate. She meets everyone. Tony doesn't pay much attention to her. Steve and Carol share a "Captain" awkward moment.
  • Thor and others arrive at the same time when Scott arrives. Pepper walks in as well.
  • Tony concludes that without Mind stone there is no way to revive Vision. At the end he transfers Jarvis back into his suit.
  • Captain and Thor suggests to find Thanos and attack him. Loki disagreeing says that If the Infinity Stones if instructed can destroy half of humans similarly if instructed they can undo it as well.
  • Everyone agrees that they cannot take the Gauntlet from Thanos let alone taking the stones. Tony decides to have one constructed . Thor takes him to Etri but the biggest revelation there is that the Infinity Gauntlet could be made by the efforts of all the dwarfs only. This was the reason Thanos only spared him. Etri gives the blueprint of the Gauntlet to Stark.
  • Tony starts working on the Gauntlet and it takes 5 years to develop the Stark Gauntlet.
  • During this period, Scott reveals that quantum realm can help in time travel. The Avengers decide that in groups of 3 they will collect the infinity stones.
  • Fist group- Thor, Rhodey, Valkyrie, travel to New York attack and acquire the Scepter and Tesseract.
  • Second group- Rocket, Nebula, Okoye travel to acquire the Orb and then the Ather.
  • Third group - Tony, Captain and Banner meet Wong who tells them that the Time stone is safe and Strange had communicated with him and he gave the Time stone from future. He also tells them that for them to win Thanos was to be allowed to do the Snap. The main reason was that like everyone else Thanos also thought that the deaths will be permanent.
  • After taking Time stone, Nebula tells them about the Soul stone location. Meanwhile Black Widow find Clint as Ronin, who lost everyone except Nathaniel, his toddler. He learns about Thanos's snap. There is also a mention of Natasha's past event which teases her standalone fim.
  • Tony and Steve reach to Vormir and find Red Skull. He tells about the sacrifice. Tony is about to jump when Steve says ‘ I will be with you till end of line, brother" and jumps to death. Tony mourns and takes the Soul stone.
  • On other hand Thanos realizes that Avengers have manipulated time to get the stones. On Earth, Banner also cannot become Hulk. They both have a first time conversation and Banner promises to never mistreat him. He hulks out but becomes Professor Hulk.
  • Captain Marvel and Thor gathers army from space and M'baku leads the remaining Wakandan Army.
  • Just Before Thanos arrives with a new army and the Sanctuary II, Tony brings the Soul and Time stone and completes the Gauntlet.
  • Tony, Thor, Hulk, Natasha, Clint, Rhodey, and the Wakandan army attacks Thanos and his army. Thanos quickly reaches the lab and snachtes the Gauntlet from Captain Marvel and the teleports aways.
  • Everyone feels defeated. But Carol says she did undo the snap. Those who disintegrated on Earth start to reappear. Black Panther, Sam, Wanda, Fury, Hill, Bucky.
  • Tony realizes that the Guardians , Strange and Parker will reappear on Titan.
  • Thor begins to bifrost all the avengers and Nebula takes Rocket and Groot in their spaceship.
  • Thanos was teleported to Titan. He doesn't understand why.He waned to be teleported to his farm. By the time Avengers arrive on Titan all the heroes are revived.
  • Thano tries to use the stones but is not able to.
  • Tony remembers that Red Skull said that The stones decide who is worth them. Since Thanos had been an ignorant idiot the stones dont follow his instructions.
  • The final fight should have this scene

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