What are your thoughts on the exercise trend, the vibration plate?

A vibration plate is good for one thing, and one thing only:

You can sit on it whilst you masturbate for a more intense wanking session.

OK, that's not strictly true.

Wobble boards are a good form of muscle stimulation for those who are incapable of completing basic forms of exercise.

We're talking about groups who may be recovering from serious spinal injuries, strength training for people with Parkinsons disease, chronic arthritis etc.

Basically, they'll move you around a bit to stop you from seizing up and becoming a skeleton with skin.

For those who are capable of completing a basic form of exercise, such as walking, a vibration plate ‘workout' is the equivalent of trying to lose weight by eating an entire ‘low fat' cheesecake.

It's essentially telling you what you want to hear:

‘You can make changes to your body by making no effort whatsoever.'

I lay the blame for the creation of the wanky plank on the following fact:

There is a teeny tiny bit of evidence to suggest it could be beneficial to your body.

That's enough for companies to create it, and it's enough for people to buy it.

Also, given that most newbies are still getting to grips with the idea that diet is the most significant factor in their weight loss goals, if they go on calorie deficit for a few weeks and use nothing other than the ‘quickly shrugging station' during that time, they might lose weight.

They will then say something like, "I used the ‘do-nothing machine' for a few weeks and I lost 6 lbs!" Not realizing it was their diet which made the difference.

If they were actually any good and served a purpose, most gyms would have them.

They don't, because they don't.


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