What are your top 3 pain points about job hunting?

  1. Recruiters. There are very few good ones, who communicate like normal human beings, make appointments and keep them, provide information and answer questions intelligently. The rest are clueless, they lie continuously, make promises they have no intention of keeping, make snap judgements they are not qualified to make and fail to provide feedback, let alone do it in a timely manner.
  2. Applicant Tracking Systems and other systems that attempt to apply artificial intelligence to the recruitment process. The problem is that AI needs to be supplemented by human intelligence, but alas, recruiters.
  3. Recruitment "processes" where way too much discretion is given to the recruiter rather than the hiring manager, and where feedback and communication to the candidate are an afterthought if not a burden
  4. (yes, I know), job boards that keep sending spam and other junk, see this: HR's Submission To ZipRecruiter - Ask The Headhunter®

Overall, I think the main problem in recruiting is that there is zero accountability. The only thing that matters is filling seats, not identifying and getting the best candidates for the position. No recruiter ever was fired for losing an A candidate.

Can the last man on earth survive without human contact?

Definitely he can survive !! Though the quality of life changes drastically.Here are some of the things we need to survive.Basic Survival requirementsAirWaterFoodAdditional survival requirementsShelterClothingHealing / medicalemotionsBut we humans are socially adapted species. Staying together increases our survival chances greatly in wild life.Look for alternatives . Being last man

Is a 200 lbs max bench good for a 14? I am 5' 8" 175 lbs.

Yes. The statistics are hard to find but most guesses are that only 2–3% of the male population can bench press their body weight. Of course, much of that is because most of those men don't ever train to bench press at all let alone to bench

What are the major accomplishments of Andrew Jackson?

Some of his accomplishments aren't the greatest moral victories in the world, but Jackson certainly got things done.He killed the Bank of the United States.Jackson felt that the national bank was hurting the American people. So, as president, he decided that what the people want was his duty to