What book or movie really disturbed you?

There is no book or movie that can disturb me, because I feel movie is a movie and book is a book, not life.Some times I get emotional, but not disturbed.

So why I am answering this question. Because I have explained the disturbance in another sense to amuse you. Enjoy.

The Telugu movie named "Priya Bandhavi" starring Ranganath and Sharada disturbed me,not because the movie has any thing to disturb us, but because I have to give running commentary to person sitting by my side.

It is 1979 and I was working in Mandamarri. Myself and my wife used to go to Movie every week in the only available movie theater in the town. It has become a habit for us till our son is born in 1981.Every Friday the movie is changed and every Saturday we used to see it.

The specialty of the movie is that it was produced by local person at Mandamarri Village (different from town) named Sripathi Rao, who is zamindar of Mandamarri. Another specialty is that one of our colleagues who works in our area have a small role in the movie. (He is a drama artist and time and again requested me to see this movie. He said that if the movie succeeds he will get bigger roles in forth coming movies to be produced by the same producer.His wish could not be fulfilled because the producer has died even before the film is released. He is enjoying his retirement life now)

As we entered balcony we saw our SME (Bosse's boss) is sitting in back row with his wife.We tried not to attract their attention, but he saw us and waved his hand. We have to sat besides them, me being on his side and my wife on her side.

He is a Maharashtrian. Although he speaks Telugu , he can not understand every word. Also he requested me to point out when our colleague appears in movie.

So the movie started. Every two minutes if a dialogue is not understood, he asks me and I used to explain. In the mean time our colleague appeared before I can recognize and point to him he faded away, that much tiny role he had.

Everybody in front rows were disturbed by my explaining that they looked at us with angry faces. They cannot dare argue with him because he was supreme boss and all are workers,supervisors and executives works under him.

So the gruesome exercise continued for two and half hours and we breathed a sigh of relief after the end sign appeared.

He dropped us at our house in his car (may be courtesy for explanation done).

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