What can I do for 20 minutes a day that will make my life better in one year?

Read & Read more.
I never liked reading before my college. But, I am currently in a phase where I find it is better to invest time on reading than something else. People find it quite amusing and ask me how do I read such big books and never get bored of it. For them, I just have an answer start reading and you would find the answer.

My strategy was simple. Read every day. I followed the strategy through and today I love to read. I never indulged on what should be read. I read everything I get on the way - books, articles, editorials, of course, something which gives me knowledge, not just fun.

I can honestly say that reading is probably the number one thing that changed my life to the better forever. If there are only one thing I have to recommend to anyone in this world, they would be reading, reading and some more reading.

I know sometimes it gets hard to manage time for this. But, with good management techniques, we can always find a way.

Reading = One of the best ways to download knowledge

Reading is probably one time investment you can give to your life to make it meaningful. If you are among countless people who do not read, I would tell that you might be missing out something.

Benefits briefed:

Stress Reduction
Vocabulary Builder
Improves Language
Better Communication skills - verbal and written
Improved Concentration
Free Entertainment
Technology detox

So, read on a daily basis. Read when you have time and also when you don't. It makes you a better person overall. Your personality develops and gives you confidence.

You're never alone when you're reading a book. – Susan Wiggs

Somebody has said that books make best friends. Well, that's so very true. They would never disappoint you and always increase your knowledge.

As I mentioned, I was not a book lover but as I started reading, I fell in love with it and now, I love my books. When I am sad or alone, I know where would I find peace and comfort. One just needs to start. Push yourself. Start with a single page and read for 10 mins. As you start doing it more regularly and when you analyze the positivism, it is bringing to your life, trust me, you would love it too.

The best things in life are for free. Reading is one of them. Just try it.

Happy Reading :)

Please let me know if it has benefited you too. First start and then go with the flow.

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