What can I do to cheer a girl up when she is sad?

  • Don't repeatedly ask her what's wrong?
  • Don't try to give advices like " you should enjoy your life" etc etc.
  • If you are a boy suggest her to talk to her best friend, or her mother.
  • Say her to count on her blessings.
  • Don't just nag and insist her to say the reason why are they sad. It really irks.
  • If you are really good friends, ask her to go for a movie or a lunch or dinner, or just a walk.
  • Give her a hug . (Only if she is comfortable with you)
  • Or just keep quite, walk away. Talk with her the next day.

To cheer up a sad girl.

Jokes are ruled out.

Advices make no meaning.

Being cheerful yourself, may only make her more sad.

Can't propose.

Movies, eatouts, shopping may not be fancied.

Gifts, no way. Because she might use that to extract more from you.

Then, how else. Think, Think.Haha......

Tell her, she resembles Mono Lisa and how much you like her when she looks sad.

She might ask, ‘Really' with an astonished look.

That's when you plant her with a wet kiss on her forehead.


  1. Nothng
  2. Be around but do not interfere.
  3. Just shut up
  4. A girls sadness is a complex state. In that sadness there are many things which most men simply do not understand using logic. The sadness can be a combination of say a toy lost at the age of 5, her mother's burnt cake, her teacher's awarding a d etc etc and finally her present issue. So, no, you wont understand!
  5. Do not, repeat, do not give any advice. She is more expert at managing emotions than any number of men put together
  6. Sit quietly and wait. She will recover and start up just like an apple phone after a software update.

  1. Show up.
  2. Be present in the moment.
  3. Listen ONLY. No advice.
  4. Do something simple like taking her out for her favorite ice cream, maybe roller skating or something to bring her inner kid out to play. Don't take no for an answer.

Sometimes it's about reminding someone they have value and need to do something that brings out a little smile or inner kid. Reminding them there is life outside of their problems. So hard to see the forest through the trees sometimes. The most amazing men whether they are friends or lovers do this skillfully and know that it doesn't need any advice, lecture, or pushing. Just simple gestures.

If you are the reason she is sad, apologize and leave her alone. If you are not the reason she is sad, communicate that you are available to her if she wants or doesn't want to talk about it. You will listen and not give suggestions. Remind her that she has a right to feel how she feels for as long as she feels it. This isnt about you being worried about her. This is 100% about her.

How to cheer up a girl tough one ha.

A small sweet way is to be with her and make her believe that u are with her and will always be there for her .

Just give her some company and talk to her .

That's it

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