What can I do to lose those last 5 pounds?

1- Eating less wont help - "Eat clean! ". Lower your carb intake & eliminate simple carbs from your diet regime like baked breads have complex instead e.g oats, brown rice, sweet potato etc there are plenty. Add healthy fats which you can find in nuts or you can take fish/flaxseeds oil. Have green tea pre and post work out both - it will do wonders ! (Its an amazing antioxidant and lipotropic with 0 side-effects). Protein intake is equally important for your muscle recovery, chicken breast or eggs can do the part.

2- Another thing which is very important is - Don't over train !  60 minutes of work out is more than sufficient unless you're taking some bad-ass supplemets. Do more of weight training than cardio vascular exercises, in fact start with light warm up and hit the weights first and do cardio in the last. Doing excess cardio can trigger "cortisol" which can cause water retention, chest enlargement and lot more.

3- Give your body adequate sleep ! - When you train, your muscles get torned up and need proper rest to recover. If you don't take a proper sleep you would never be able to loose those extra pounds or gain muscle easily.

Stay fit !
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What are some good workouts that use an ab wheel?

I have an ab wheel. I'd never rely on it as a primary means of exercise, but it's useful to work my abs and hamstrings, which balances out all the work my back and quads gets from ergometer rowing (rowing being my primary form of exercise). I do just three exercises with the ab

What are the most effective body weight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises can be very effective for building muscle mass. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that calisthenic moves are only good for warming up or getting lean. That's wrong.I mean have you ever looked at a male gymnast physique at the

How to get fit and toned by July

Yes its is definitely possible to do that mate as a month back even i did it.I can share my routine follow that if you like.WORKOUTIf u have a gym membership then start pairing strength training with cardio (playing some sport being the best cardio). Go for high rep (25–12 rep range) low weight resistance training along