What can I do to stop my recurring shoulder pain from pushups that goes away after stopping pushups for a few days? The pain occurs when I move my arms in a certain range.

You have a slightly torn tendon in one of your rotator cuff muscles. These four are the most commonly injured, and you have to understand which one hurts, and what exercises will re-tear the tiny tendon strands that are trying to mend. If you feel any pain, at all, stop doing what's causing it. If you continue doing pushups, it will never heal, and your base brain will lock the joint, so you can't keep injuring it. Usually, it takes therapy to get full range of motion, again.

Rest it, and exercise other muscles that don't hurt. It usually takes months to get it fully healed, mostly because we move our arms unconsciously in reaction to numerous things, and inadvertently re-injure tendons.

What Is My Rotator Cuff?

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How do pull ups, a movement using the shoulder and elbow joints, end up being predominantly a lat exercise?

Because it doesn't primarily use the shoulder and elbow joints.It primarily uses the Latissimus dorsi to pull the arm in to the body.Any movement that uses your lats or pecs also uses your shoulders, true, but the largest muscles are activated for this,

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