What can I learn/know in 10 minutes about your profession that is useful for the rest of my life?

Do not trust ad-hoc security mechanisms.

People like to think that being able to build a secure system is function of how smart one is, and implicitly assume that they are smart enough. But something secure  is a skill that has to be learned. In cryptography - for an overwhelming portion of the cases, it shouldn't take a skilled cryptanalyst more than 30 minutes to break a system that you home-brew by yourself. My limited experience in other fields of information security shows that this is common across the board.

So, the lesson here is that if you need to secure something, consult an expert and don't try to DIY.

How to unlock a stolen phone

There are no guys which would tell you the way but in my opinion you have a stolen phone and there are two chances1.you have paid for a stolen phone so it's your property ,use it bro2.you have found a phone which you didn't steal but you saw it lying somewhere without its owner so

What is the most disappointing luxury brand of cars?

Sadly though I love my 2017 G63 AMG Mercedes Benz and thrill to the 570hp AMG racing engine and rough and ready handling ... fit, finish and quality is not what it should be. While much is covered by warranty,

Do high school teachers often develop crushes on their students?

I don't know such things in other countries´╝îbut it's not common in China.My friends once had feelings with her math teacher but after a time they were just like the usual teacher and student because they both thought it was crazy