What can I learn/know right now in 3 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?

Okay in 3 minutes you can learn....

1st minute- PLAN your day

2nd minute- ACT upon your PLAN.

3rd minute- REVIEW your day

These 3 points are not just simple words, but they are the secrets of getting successful in which ever field you are or any work you prioritise you can make the best out of you and make a new YOU of yourself!

:)) God Bless!

  • Love everything you do.
  • Develop interest in everything you do.
  • Whatever we do comes back to us. Be it good or bad.
  • Focus on the present moment all the time instead of worrying about future or past all the time.
  • See the value of time. Once time is lost, its lost for ever.
  • Try to do as many good things as you can.
  • Never compare yourself with anyone.
  • Keep away from lust and addiction.

3 tips for life:

  1. Love all being- mother has taught us
  2. Do your duty- father has taught us
  3. Enhance your wisdom- teacher has taught us


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