What can be the greatest understanding in life?

What can be the greatest understanding in life?

That all is Spirit/Energy taking form and made manifest according to the principles which we each embody, and the power of our Word.

We are ONE. All the wars, rape, misguidance, ineptitude, delusions of personal power and personal ownership are the result of the ignorance of our own nature.

Some people when told they are the embodiment of God, deny this in favour of a delusional unprovable theory of ‘evolution by chance' - denying the fact we have been given the steps to evolve into our highest nature. So false authority prevails, corruption prevails and so called man made ‘laws' arise from this corruption in an insane delusional concept of ownership, nationalities and countries, which leads to violence, greed, fear, and so people continue to suffer and die.

"But we are all going to die " you say.

No. Death is the result of the hypnotic delusion of the satanic consciousness.

The creative process of making ‘man' into the image AFTER the likeness of the Everliving God is an ongoing process made more evident as the MIST of time dissipates.

We are, everyone of us, self-perpetuating, self-renewing with the centre of volition and life within each of us. Time is a delusion, ‘old age' an illusion ‘sickness and dis-ease' are calls to reform behaviour and use our gift of life more wisely...

  • Hu-God
  • Man - Mind
  • Be - ‘it is'
  • Ing - ‘in activity'

A hu-man be-ing and all that one projects is an aspect of God's mind in activity. WHEN the BEAUTY of this reality dawns on the mind, the insanity of division and war and greed, all dissipate, and the Light of Life within each Heart, burns brighter than ever before.

Can investing in comic books becoming TV shows be lucrative?

It's more like speculating than investing. Generally speaking, you'd have to double their value just to break even. Most comic shops and traders will only pay 50% of the retail value of a comic. Collectors may pay more, but then you can't really do any volume. Basically, you'd have to buy

Why do people love anti-heroes?

We love anti hero for they justify our flaws and ease our internal conflicts.People are mostly conformist, they abide by the culturally approved means to achieve socially desirable goals for success. Often abidance to the rules hampers chances of achieving the goals. Rationally people accept the rules