What can happen to the earth in one minute?

I'm answering for what can happen in earth in one minute

In a single minute,

1) Your body produces 120–180 million red blood cells.

2) People ask GOOGLE 2.4 million questions.

3) 25 million coca-cola products are consumed.

4) Many of those bottles will end up in land fills where the world bank estimates we produce 5 million pounds of garbage.

5) 108 human lives will be lost.

6) An adult male will lose 96 million cells, fortunately 96 million cells divide to replacing those loss.

7) In the USA 1.5 people get divorced while worldwide 116 people will get married.

8) 82300 people will have sex but only 258 babies are born.

9 )A fetus is developing neurons at a rate of 250000 per minute.

10) An average of 1.38 micrometers of rainfall around the world which is 4.7 billion bath tubs of water every minute and with the storms comes approximately 6000 volts of cloud to ground lightning hitting the earth.

11) A 150 pound person expends 1.1 calories of energy per minute while sleeping.

12) The sun provides us with 83.33 terawatts of energy.

13) 70000 hours of Netflix are watched.

14) 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube.

15) You can read this answer and upvote if your minute was well spent!


Probabilities? Oh infinite. Awesome question; unidentified internet person.

My guess is maybe we get destroyed by a rogue asteroid (despite the fact that the good guys at NASA have a list of probable killer asteroids)

Or we could be terminated "hitchhikers guide to the galaxy " style.

Or a genius who would shape the world is born now.

But a minute has passed and we are not dead yet soooo

I think somewhere an entirely unknown species is destroyed

A bunch of people died and a bunch were born

So well we can hope that real cool kids with super intelligence are born because quarks know the stupid people in this world need to learn some sense.

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