What can teachers do to improve the education system?

I'll give you a gist of how it goes.

As teachers are bound to certain rules and regulations of their respective authorities they work for, all they can do is convince their superiors for a change in overall pattern of this system.

But this is almost impossible these teachers[1] might need a majority to come to such an effective conclusion which can be implemented. Even if there's a majority their superiors need to discuss it with their senior bodies and convince them where again a majority will be required. And this hierarchy leads to unsuccessful attempts of changing system.

A matter of fact is that there are very few teachers who actually wish to change this education system, while rest of the teachers are happy with the salary they get by sharing all the knowledge they have which's their primary objective as teaching is their passion. Besides, teachers get a very less time to deal with things other than teaching!

Students who speak a lot on this issue get a job in MNCs or study abroad (who are above average) and the rest settle down with some or the other job including a teacher's job[1] out of boredom!

Coming to the point, how teachers can improve the education system. Here're few of the solutions according to me:

  • Teachers should spread awareness amongst their colleagues to raise this issue consistently to their superiors.
  • Teachers should unofficially tell students about the drawbacks of current system as much as they can. (I don't mean disrespecting their profession!)
  • Teachers should recognize teaching skills of students and encourage them to be teachers[1] which can help them solve the issue quickly.

PS: I might be wrong in my opinions mentioned before solutions as all those were based on my personal observations and study of teachers! I request Seema Shah madam to answer this question separately! :)

Teachers should firstly relate to the interest of children and try building on that rather than changing the interest all together. Subjects that are taught have to be made more interesting by using new methods and demonstrations.

An added initiative towards practical knowledge and implementation over theory is what we need. Making students understand and relate should be the priority over just completing the chapter.

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Teachers can improve the education system by giving more information which is apart from the textbooks.They must stop giving unwanted projects rather give projects that are relevant to the lessons.Instead of teaching the lessons theoretically they must teach them practically.They must encourage all the students and bring awareness about the society.Therefore teachers should be the role models for all the students to improve the betterment of the country's future and the education system.

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