What can you teach me that can be useful in my life?

  1. That most people do not know what they want, and that is precisely what makes them so easy to lead. This is the basis upon which religion and politics flourish with great ease.
  2. If you are in a relationship, of any kind, and it is one that you are seeking to make grow and prosper, but you are approaching it from a you and me perspective; then you might as well leave right now. The you and me division now, signals a you and me split in the future.
  3. People do not marry for love, they marry because they can see themselves reflected in the other person. So if you want to remain married, then you'd better figure out how to keep reflecting your partner.....for a very long time.
  4. The only thing that you can depend on in life is change, so stop looking for stability, that only serves to build stress, and shorten your lifespan.
  5. People do not want your advise, they are only asking because what they really want is for you to agree with them.
  6. Forget the gym hoax, sharing food is the secret to staying thin. How? Because (1) you do not eat as much when you share and (2) you also feel very good when you share, and happy thoughts are the enemy of eating disorders. Over-eating, which results in obesity, is directly related to unhappy thoughts, and low self-worth.
  7. When people say, "It cannot be done," what they really mean is, "I lack the skill and/or the know-how." So, find someone else, real quick!
  8. A ‘busy' person will never have time to do anything you ask; they are always ‘busy' because they have zero time management skills.
  9. When the going gets tough, get out of dodge and re-create yourself. It is called regeneration (Take a lesson from the lizard). Not to be confused with degeneration, which is what happens when you convince yourself to stay and ‘tolerate' shit. In this situation, there are parts of you that will simply die from non-use, or ab-use.
  10. Life is a dance, and it becomes easier with practice, finding the beat, and staying with the rhythm. Then it is a real dream if you can find someone who hears the same beat you are hearing, and have the same rhythm. Orgasmic!
  11. When you stop thinking about relationships in terms of men vs women, you will have eased 90% of your life's burdens. There is a reason that we were naturally created different, it is so that we complement each other. The more we fight each other, the more we fight nature.....And nature never loses!
  12. While we are on the topic of relationships: Nothing gets solved when you are tired and hungry. Nothing! But strangely enough, that always seems to be the time couples are more inclined to fight and argue, right? Be smart! Put it on ice. Eat, and go to bed. When you awaken the next day, you probably will not even remember what the dickens you were so heated about....Now did I not just save you from a night on the sofa!? You are welcome!
  13. Don't ask a child why they did something, they truly do not know. Now, think about it for a minute, you are asking because YOU don't know. And you are the adult. So why would you think THEY would know!?
  14. My granny used to say, "There are many ways to kill a cat other than skinning it." So if your efforts are not bringing you the success you are looking for, it does not mean you are stupid, or that you should give up, it simply means that you should change the approach and strategies!
  15. And speaking of success, like everyone else, you have probably been seeking success your entire life, and frustrating yourself with the effort. Well, that is probably because you are chasing an illusion. Success is a concept, a subjective ideal, something that exists only in our mind. When you can clearly identify it (good luck!), you will find it; but until then, it is nothing more than an illusory subjective....and the source of your ill-health.
  16. You can sit around and wait for someone to bring you the good things in life, but consider this: No one is bringing it because they are all doing the same as you. So while you are all playing coy, and deluding yourselves that the world revolves around you, the remaining 5%, who are the smart people, are making the world go around, and are running circles around you.....and that's why you feel it revolving!
  17. Political systems are like water in a bowl, they just go round and round. When you tilt it one way, you are taking from one side to fill the other side, and you tilt the other way and the same is true. And when everything is settled and you look at it years later, you wonder if anything was accomplished....or was it just shifted around? Checks and balances!
  18. If you want good friends, you must first be a good friend; if you want a healthy life, then you must develop healthy habits; if you want positive energy around you, then you must emit positivity. You see where this is going? It is not rocket science.
  19. And on the note of going places, if you are chasing the MONEY TRAIL, guess what you will find? Money. No surprise there! So if you're on that road, and looking for HAPPINESS, you need to either switch lanes, or make a U-turn. It just ain't there! Not to say it won't drive by you fleetingly, but to say, it just does not reside there! It is not on that road.
  20. Information is NOT power! Information that you can use in gainful employment, towards some purposeful directive or objective, is power. The rest is just shit clogging up your brain channels for no good reason!
  21. Formulating a plan is a great step towards successfully achieving your goal! Bravo! Amazing! Superb! But that is only one part of the job; implementing the plan is the b_ _ _ _ ! Aye, there's the rub!
  22. They say that ,"Knowing what you want is key to getting what you want." Simply NOT true! Knowing HOW to get what you want is what truly brings home the medals....And the bacon! It is not the plan, but the process that materialises the product. To illustrate: Eggs, butter, flour, and sugar do not make cake. Knowing exactly HOW they combine, HOW to bake it, and for HOW long, is what will produce cake! Oh, wait! Don't forget the chocolate! Nothing wrong with vanilla, but.....everyday!? Take some tips from Baskin & Robbins.
  23. Cancer is not a condition we become afflicted with, nor is it a disease that is inflicted upon us. And it is certainly not a mystery. Cancerous cells are our own cells that have mutated and multiplied. And exactly why would our own cells do that to us? Could it be that which we do to ourselves? When as a society we can accept and embrace the power that the mind has over the body, then we really would have found the cure for cancer. Learn to say, "No!'' Learn to speak your truth quietly, but resolutely; and learn to let go. I mean truly let go. And I guarantee that you will be 95% ailment free (I cannot control the random 5% disease you will encounter by flagrant fornication.....because you are human, and weak in flesh!). It is not cancer that kills you, it is the mutation you create by harbouring all the negativity within your cells. Mind-body connectivity. The human body was not designed as a necropolis.
  24. Cancerous cells, hmm....Nice segue to cell phones: Remember that the cellular phone was created specifically, unequivocally, for YOUR convenience! Wow! What a concept. Resist the urge to respond to its every buzz, vibration, jingle, or strident ring. That will save you a ton of anxiety, stress, and well....brain cells, in more ways that one can count.(But if you MUST respond to it, keep this in mind: The rest of the world really does not give 2 rats ass about your dinner arrangements, or how busy or important you are. In other words, keep the ‘announcery' voice for when someone is paying you to do the Macy's Big Sale Event!) Sorry, that was a rant, not a tip. I'm done. I'm good now!
  25. The ubiquitous quarrel about male - female superiority - inferiority is a total waste of time and energy, so work on finding other, more profitable ways to convert oxygen. I have never seen a man pop out a baby, and I have never seen a woman self-impregnate. So women are clearly superior!.......just kidding! My point is, it is a dumb argument, and since you've laid claims to being the smartest of the species, surely you can spot the kamikaze effect in this practice. Surely there are more meaningful topics to occupy your beer-chugging, pal-bonding time!
  26. And while we are examining this through beer-tinted lenses, consider this: It is not the universe that is keeping you from where you want to go, it is your beer-chugging pals. Ever seen crabs in a bucket? Well, enough said. Machiavelli knew a thing or two, and he certainly knew what he meant when he said, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." At the prima facie, it may appear that you have clear categories of ‘friends' and ‘enemies,' but things are not always what they appear to be, now, are they (especially after a few beers)? One group will teach you to grow in character and mind, but the other? Well, they are always there with a pint of beer to steer you towards inebriation, 'tis true, but that will teach you nothing. So, which group is impeding your path?
  27. You could spend a lifetime trying to please everyone, and work diligently to do right by everyone, and in the end, you don't (just not possible!). And even if you do, they will still find all the (fabricated) reasons to hate you! What's worse is that you will also hate yourself for the wasted effort, and you will want to shoot yourself for being both dumb and blind. My two-cents? Save the tears and bullets. Live life your way!.....Always! No exceptions! Die happy!

Thanks for the A2A, Eric

I am a Fitness Enthusiast. Since I have made many mistakes in the beginning of my fitness journey, I would like to share with you what I learnt from my mistakes. This answer will be long. So sit back, relax and read. I assure that you will learn something new.

  • Peanut butter is one of the healthiest sources of fat. However, the peanut butter that you will buy in the market is unhealthy. This is because it is adulterated with hydrogenated oils which are bad for health. But do not worry. You can make peanut butter in just 15 mins at home.

Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe Easy|Healthy|Tasty

  • Protein is essential. Irrespective of your physical goals or gender, protein is essential. It is required by the body for it's regular wear and tear. It helps nourish the hair and skin. Unfortunately, our Indian style of eating is full of carbohydrates. I request you to add protein in your diet.
  • A person who doesn't workout must or has low activity level should consume protein in grams equal to his/her body weight in kg. This means 60 g of protein for a 60 kg person.

Best Non Vegetarian Protein sources:

  • Chicken Breast has 30 g of protein/ 100g .
  • Egg White: 1 egg white has around 4 g of protein.
  • Fish : 100g of fish has around 25 g of protein.

Some Vegetarian Protein Sources:

Black Beans - 19 g protein / 100g

Chickpeas - 18 g protein / 100g

black chana - 18 g protein / 100g

Paneer - 18 g protein / 100g

Soya chunks - 52 g protein / 100g (It's advisable to keep daily intake of soya not more than 50 g as it may decrease the testosterone levels in men )

Checkout this simple high protein recipe :

Chickpeas Spinach Egg Bhurji | Egg Recipes Indian style

  • You can easily control junk food cravings.
  1. Whenever you get junk food cravings just tap your forehead for 30 seconds and I guarantee that your food cravings will stop.
  2. Moreover, the cravings last for not more than 10 minutes.

For more information checkout this video:

6 Easy ways to stop cravings | Try this 30 second Trick

  • It is not so difficult to lose weight. Follow this thumb rule.
  1. To Lose Weight - Find out your weight in pounds. Now divide it by 2. Consume these many carbohydrates (in grams) everyday to lose weight. For example: My weight is 60 kg i.e approximately 132 pounds. So if I want to lose weight, I should not consume not more than 132/2 = 66 g of Carbohydrates.
  2. To Gain Weight - Find out your weight in pounds. Now multiply it by 2. Consume these many carbohydrates (in grams) everyday to gain weight. For instance: My weight is 60 kg i.e approximately 132 pounds. So if I want to gain weight, I should consume 132*2 = 264 g of Carbohydrates.

Below are the best carbohydrate sources to add in diet - complex carbs.

  1. Sweet Potatoes
  2. Oats
  3. Brown Rice'
  4. Whole wheat
  5. Other whole grains
  6. Whole Wheat Bread

Checkout my video about grocery shopping for more options:

Grocery Shopping for a Healthy and Balanced Diet

  • Why should you switch to complex carbohydrates?

Simple carbohydrates like refined flour, white rice and potatoes burn out very fast and then we start feeling hungry again. However, the above complex carbohydrates get digested slowly and keep your tummy full for longer period of time. Moreover, simple carbohydrates are more likely to get stored as fat.

White Potato vs. Sweet Potato

  • Eating Egg whites is easy. Best hack

We all know that egg whites are a great source of lean protein.They are cheap and easily digested. But we also know that how difficult it is to eat an egg white alone. So try this:

Mix the egg whites with any curry. What I mean here is that cut the egg whites into small pieces and dunk them into whatever curry is prepared at your home. This will result in the following:

  • The protein value of the curry will increase.
  • The taste of the curry won't change
  • The egg whites will taste better because of curry.
  • You can happily eat egg whites.

You can checkout this video for more information :

3 Simple Hacks To Eat Egg Whites | Indian Style

  • 5 Ways to trick your brain and eat less. The Psychology of eating
  1. Down size your plate to downsize your meal portion.
  2. Contrast the color of your food with the plate and you will end up eating less.
  3. Drink in thin and tall glasses.
  4. Buy small packs instead of large ones.
  5. Keep the food that you can't resist, out of sight.
  • Drinking water is an art. It can decide your fitness level.

Straight from the teachings of the legendary Vagbhata. Sushruta, one of the earliest surgeons, Charaka, a medical genius, and Vagbhata are considered to be "The Trinity" of Ayurvedic knowledge.

  1. Avoid drinking water just before or after meals - When we eat food, thebody temperature increases due to the formation of a digestive fire (jathr agni, as called by Vagbhata). When we drink water just after or before the meals, the body temperature decreases which hinders the digestion process.
  2. Always drink water sip by sip - This helps the saliva to move along with the water into stomach. Our saliva is basic in nature and hence helps the stomach overcome it's acidity. Vagbhata had said that human saliva has many more medicinal properties
  3. Let water be the first thing in the morning - The saliva produced overnight is most effective and hence water should be drunk before brushing or rinsing the mouth.
  4. Avoid Chilled water - Vagbhata in Ashtanghrudyam has said that drinking too much of chilled water narrows the large intestine which slows down the bowel movements. He has also added that this leads to increase in weight.
  5. Avoid drinking water while standing - According to Vagbhata, one should never drink water while standing. He has specifically mentioned two sitting positions for drinking water. First is the squatting position and other being cross legged.

It is necessary to sip water while working out. Do not stay dehydrated.

  • 2 Ways to know if your body is getting dehydrated.
  1. If the color of your urine is dark yellow.
  2. If the lips are getting parched.
  • Darker the better
  1. The darker fruit/vegetable is , the higher it is in antioxidants. For eg: Black grape is higher in antioxidants than green grapes. Purple cabbage is higher in antioxidants than green cabbage. Antioxidants improve immunity from diseases.
  2. Similarly, when buying Jaggery, choose the darker one.
  • Spare 15 minutes.

1 . Experts recommend that 15 minutes of everyday workout is more than enough to stay fit.

2. Yes, I know that you are very busy. Taking this into consideration I have designed a workout series. These workout you can do at your home without any equipment. I have covered all major muscles. It has 10 episodes. Check it out.

Workout at Home | EPISODE 1 - CHEST | Without Equipment

  • Make your belly fat cry
  1. 5 minute of rigorous abdominal workout is all you need to do to cut that belly fat.
  2. I have designed workouts for upper abs, lower abs and obliques separately. It will be helpful.

Workout at Home | Episode 8 - LOWER ABS | 5 min workout

  • When to take a cheat meal?
  1. It is not necessary to follow healthy eating all the time.
  2. Once in a while, cheat meal is OK.
  3. However, certain cheat meals strategies if incorporated can speed your fitness journey.

Top 10 Cheat Meal Strategies for Weight loss

  • Do not fall for these diet myths.
  1. Lesser the fat I eat, the better it is.
  2. Crash dieting helps in weight loss.
  3. If the label says fat free, I can happily eat and not gain weight.
  4. If I am working out regularly, I can eat as much as I want to.
  5. If I have to follow a diet for fat loss, I got to be eating only salads.

5 Common Diet Myths that Prevent Weight loss

  • Do not do these workout mistakes.
  1. Skipping warm up before the actual workout.

5 Min Warm up exercises before workout | Why warm up?

2. Following the same old routine always.

3. Spending too much time in the gym.

4. Not training the body proportionately.

5. Not keeping the body hydrated when working out.

6. Concentrating on weights more than the form.


  • Healthy New Year 2017 Resolution ideas.

Let us keep it simple and practical this year. Taking this into consideration, I have compiled 7 healthy New Year resolutions that even the laziest of us can stick to .

  1. Buy a water bottle and keep it handy always. This will help you drink more water without any extra effort.
  2. Keep a healthy snack option with you always.
  3. Choose an alternative to salt.
  4. Choose an alternative to sugar.
  5. Stop using electronic devices half an hour before you sleep.
  6. Keep a hand sanitizer handy.
  7. Try a new sport.

Checkout the video to know simple alternatives to salt and sugar.

7 Healthy New Year 2017 Resolution Ideas for the LAZIEST

Well, I hope this answer was worth your time.

If you liked this information, checkout of my YouTube channel for a lot more about health and fitness. Just click this link Fit Tuber

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Thanks a lot for your love and support. Wishing you a great year ahead.

P.S. - I have been following the above things from more than 6 months now and the results have been satisfying.

I'm gonna teach you the importance of ASKING...

A large majority of issues takes place as a result of not asking. I understand people hesitate a lot, but asking is always better than assuming, being in doubt and leaving things as they are.

It all starts when you're a student,

You don't ask because you're afraid that either it'll be a silly question and people will laugh at you or you're scared of interrupting the teacher.

As a result, that doubt disturbs your focus and at the same time wastes your time later on. Wouldn't it be easy to walk out of your class with a clear head even if it means 10 other guys cursing you behind your back?

Then you grow older and get into relationships or get married,

And you still don't ask. You do things and make sacrifices assuming that it might make your significant other happy. But you never realize that they never wanted you to compromise in the first place. Maybe they would have liked you more as you are. Maybe.

How will you ever know until you ask? Is it really worth wasting a lot of your energy which would amount to nothing, or worse, to negative output.

You're finally a working adult,

You have presentations, meetings and you're assigned a task. But hey, you missed certain details which were discussed and you didn't ask because you might appear incompetent.

As a result, you don't really know what is desired from you. And the more you wait to ask, the bigger fool you become. Ultimately, you either screw up the task or you ask very late and lose a lot of credibility.

Why not ask at the first chance you get and minimize the damage?

There are hardly any perks of staying quiet and keeping your doubts to yourself. Whatever your reasons are to stay quiet and live a life full of dilemma, I would strongly suggest you to have a little bit of courage and just ASK.

The 15 Cardinal Rules of Life:

  1. Good Relationship > Being Single >>>>>> Shitty Relationship
  2. Never leave your parents. They are the reason you are here.
  3. Personality is not set in stone. You are able to take control or change it the way you like.
  4. People say "Follow your heart". Not in every situation guys. Instead "Listen to your heart. Act With Your Brain"
  5. Never get confused to select between love and friendship. Both have their respective parts to play
  6. Try to replace SORRY with THANK YOU in certain situations. For example, instead of saying "Sorry for being late", you can say "Thank you for waiting". It sounds more diplomatic.
  7. Never get too emotionally attached to anyone except your parents
  8. People say "Follow your passion", I agree but with a slight modification. I believe "Follow your passion only if it is worthwhile". Don't rub two wet stones to make a fire. Rethink point no.4
  9. Time heals almost everything. Give some time and experience the change
  10. Thoughts control your Feelings. Feelings control your Actions. Actions control your Results. POSITIVE THOUGHTS = POSITIVE RESULTS
  11. When in anger, isolate yourself. Give yourself some time. Finally think about the situation again with a calm mind
  12. SMOKING, DRINKING, GETTING HIGH ISN'T COOL. The sooner you realise it, the better your life would be.
  13. Stop complaining all the time. SHIT HAPPENS. That is life. Learn to have an optimistic approach
  14. Ponder over point no. 4 and no. 8 again
  15. Don't just read; start ANSWERING on Quora. But not primarily for upvotes or followers. Experiment with your vocab, come up with new ideas, share your experiences, build your skills! Things don't come to you, you have to go grab them!

With the proviso that we missed our introduction,

Hola Amigos! I'm Bassam Atheeque, the Non-Perfectionist.

In an increasingly competitive and accelerated world, it is so important to define your own personal competitive advantage. Whether you seek customers, jobs, attractive spouses or all of the above, you will best achieve results with identifiable advantages over your competition.

1.Life is the best teacher of all. Most of the time, life doesn't talk to you. It just sort of pushes you around. Each push is life saying ‘' Wake Up', there's something I want you to learn ‘'

2.Opportunities come and Go. Being able to know when to make quick decisions is an important skill. One of the major requisites for leadership is the power of quick and firm decision.

3. One of the most valuable thing one can learn is the art of using the knowledge and experience of others.

4.First Impressions really do count. Dress to look the Part Intend to Play in Life, but take care not to overdo it.

5. The time which many people devote to ‘' Gossiping ‘' about others would, if controlled and directed constructively, be sufficient to attain the object of their Definite Chief Aim In life.

6. Life is much like going to the gym. The most painful part is deciding to go. Once you get past that, it's easy.

7.You need to know a ‘'Little about a lot''. Don't study more and more about less and less . Because the more specialised you become, the more you are trapped and dependent on that speciality.

8. Aim high. And then push yourself to give your 100% towards that goal and you will realise that you achieve great Results.

9.There is always a risk, so learn to manage risk instead of avoid it.

10. Most of that which you feared never happened. The greatest secret of winners is that the failure inspires winning;thus they're not afraid of losing. The fear of failure is the greatest fear overcome that.

11.Listening is more important than talking. If that was not true, God would not have given us two ears and only one mouth.

12. Don't be emotionally attached to anyone. People change. Even your besties may probably turn into strangers one day.

13. Learn to let go, even if you are right.

14. Not everyone will make into your future. Some people are passing through to teach you lesson in life.

15. Never trust a person that has seriously let you down more than two times. Once was the warning, twice was a lesson and anything beyond that is simply taking advantage.

16. Few moments of silence work wonders in relationships. When we realise something is triggering our emotions towards anger, disgust, frustration, it is better to hold on for a while. Put a break at speed breakers,. Respect everyone, if you still feel the emotions it triggered is worth discussing, sit down with the person and talk it out. (not shout it out). Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut.

17.''Intelligence'' combined with ‘'arrogance ‘' equals ‘' ignorance ‘'.

18.Learn how to compliment people and do so regularly. There's no limit on how many compliments you can offer, there's no scarcity of compliments available and there's no end to how much people will appreciate them.

19.Don't judge people. You don't know the past of each and every one and there's always some past associated with the behaviour of everyone. So don't criticise if you can't appreciate.

20.Time heals everything. Eventually all pieces will fall into place. Until then laugh at the moment and confusion, live in the moment and know that everything happens for a reason. You can't connect the dots looking forward ;you can only connect them looking backward.


Does science go beyond our finite knowledge?

Science works with our current knowledge and produces new knowledge in the first place. Our knowledge is finite because it is accountable, not because it is ultimately limited by something.A theory of evolution is an example of a body of knowldge, that has recieved so much factual evidence supporting it, that doubting its

What is the most spectacular case of extinction of a species due to human causes?

We humans as a species since the day we set foot on earth (or evolved into our present form) have driven many species to extinction. Our record is disparate when it comes to wiping out other species. We have driven animals to extinction in our early history

What is life without friends?

Though I have often fancied myself in this situation, where all the world went by and hardly paused for a glance at me, it is simply untrue. Hence I cannot fairly draw from personal experience to answer this. Anyone who shows sustained, positive interest