What can you tell me about visiting Mexico?

Well depending on where you want to go.

In genereal, the circunstances at the moent are good for foreing people from Europe, USA and Canada... Or any other country with a wealth currency.

If you want to go to resorts in the beach, it is the best time because hurracane season has finished and you'll find +20°C even in winter.

If you want to come to big Cities like México City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, Oaxaca, weather is also nice, not as hot as in the beach but the lowest temperature you could find is 5°C on December.

If you want to go to the hills with indigenous comunities, it might be a bit more cold.

If you mean anything else by "The circunstances at the moment", well just avoid messing up with drug dealers, dont go showing off you are a wealthy tourist, avoid walking alone at nigh time throhg conflictive neighborhoods.

You'll be fine just enjoy México in a respectful way

Can someone really change others?

Only if they want to change. If they aren't asking for advice you'll only irritate them and make them dig in deeper to defend their way as the right way.Setting an example is the best way to get someone to consider change. Most people won't believe something is possible for them unless they see

What would happen if Ireland tried to conquer the UK?

The British special forces would deploy covert missions to infiltrate all of Ireland's Guinness factories and shut down production. Once deprived of beer, the invading Irish army would quickly begin losing morale. The Irish government would attempt to pacify them by replacing their Guinness ration with

What are some trips that you wish you had taken earlier that have had an impact on your life?

I went to SIngapore a couple of weeks ago. Changed the entirety of my perspective on things. It uprooted me. It is not so much the place itself-though it was of course beautiful-as it is the experience of being somewhere else. You realize that problems are temporal, that the