What can you tell me about visiting Russia?

Really depends on what is meant by "visiting Russia." If by that you mean Moscow, then think BIG city, scams, dirty, rude, but doable in English.

St. Pete is a different story, but still there are many that can help you get around in English and by far a better place than the Ol' M.

Now, if you are visiting REAL Russia, then you'll need some language skills, but you'll have a GREAT visit as the people are very helpful. I have traveled quite a bit before having any fluency at all with a dictionary! People were AWESOME!

Watch our for pickpockets and scam artists of course. Don't be afraid of trying local cuisine. I OFTEN grab a bite from the old ladies selling wares on the street. If they themselves are clean, then their food is probably the same.

Take water with you as you travel and watch the locals. You may not find any toilets except a tree. If the locals are using a tree, then go ahead!


I visited St Petersburg in late October. It was awesome. First snowfalls occurred. Amazing city. Pretty cold but not brutally cold. And they do have Vodka bottles sitting on the tables of many restaurants, so you can just have a quick nip to warm up.

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