What causes people to hate their job?

In my opinion it's mostly the lack of appreciation and recognition/reward if you go the extra mile and it's taken for granted or your input is not taken seriously.

An example is the last company I worked for kept on asking for input from us of ways that we could save the company money and no matter the suggestions none were implemented resulting in people losing their jobs.

There were some of us managers that put our hearts minds bodies and souls into the success of the company and were not given bonuses or increases where we found out newer staff members were given and senior managers were earning our commissions. Newer staff members were allowed to take vacation leave after only a few weeks of starting there and allowed lunch breaks off where as we were expected to work overtime and not take time off or be paid out for it.

Where can I sell my website?

The first question to answer is, how much is your website worth? You can use this calculator to get a rough, but fairly accurate look at your website's valuation:How Much Is My Website Worth? Website Valuation Tool - Empire FlippersSo now that you've got an

How to gain muscle in my upper body as a competitive swimmer

I hope that if you are a competetive swimmer then you are aware of your priorities and you wish to take your swimming to the International level. If it's true then you must have a swimming coach as well as trainer and dietician, those persons are going to take care

How to burn 2000 calories in the gym

It depends how big you are, how intensively you workout and whether or not you have the stamina to sustain until you've hit that target, but......Let me help you skip to where you will end up.You don't want to do this.You think 2,000